Classified - Non-Licensed Positions

  • Classified Positions – include non-certified, non-teaching positions such as:
    • Teacher Assistant
    • Clerical
    • Child Nutrition
    • Custodial
    • Maintenance - HVAC, Electrician, Plumber, Groundskeeper, etc.
    • Technology Specialist - Help Desk Assistant, Technical Support Assistant
    • Transportation - Mechanic

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    Additional Instructions:

    • Most non-licensed candidates will apply through NC School Jobs Powered by PeopleAdmin.
    • Along with a complete application, classified candidates must submit three references.

    • Associate's degree or high school diploma must be uploaded to the application as mandated by the position requirements.

    • Candidates will have the opportunity to apply to a “Generic” classified position if a position is not available. 

    • Candidates have the option to upload their college transcripts and other relevant documentation to their application (strongly encouraged when applicable).

    • You must also hold the proper certification for certain classified positions.

    Teacher Assistants/Clerical Personnel should apply with CPI if you currently do not work for WS/FCS

    • WS/FCS has partnered with Carolina Placement, Inc. (CPI), a staffing agency, to fill our assistant positions.
    • To be considered for an assistant position, whether it is clerical, classroom, ISS, ESL, one-on-one, or another, please contact CPI.
    • Follow their instructions and contact them directly with questions.

    Contact CPI