• The <CamelCoders/> Competitive Programming Team
    The <CamelCoders/> is a competitive computer programming team that meets approximately quarterly and communicates electronically to prepare for a small series of competitions, including the Hack-a-Thon, the Triad Programming Contest, and Spartan Code Sprint. This type of project-based skills development goes far beyond the classroom to offer students real-world experience that will assist them in preparing for college, internships, and the work force. It is also a "lettering" opportunity; students must compete and play in at least one of the competitions throughout the year to qualify. 
    Although the entire Atkins student body is welcome to try out for this opportunity, a specific application procedure is followed to select the most qualified students based on interests, skills, experience, and recommendations (the application is here: https://goo.gl/forms/HhvdThRo7aZlXMzo1). Members will be selected at the start of the school year, and as needed, based on the needs of the team and the requirements of the competitions. If you have skills or experience in programming and want to take your interests to a competitive level, then we encourage you to apply. 
    The team from 2017-18 actually won the entire Triad Programming Contest, beating the high schools but ALSO all of the colleges represented. You can read more about that HERE. 
    We also actively recruit females and minorities to this field where they are vastly underrepresented (more HERE). 
    Atkins teacher Scott Plaster coaches this team at Atkins; please come see him if you have questions! 
    2017 Team
    2018 Champion Team
    2019 Team