• Ashley Academy for Cultural and Global Studies is only one of the many schools in the WSFCS to adopt a standard mode of dress policy. Beginning August 20, 2018 all students will be allowed to participate in a VOLUNTARY uniform policy.


    Monday- Thursday- Uniform

    Friday- Spirit Wear- School Logo Shirts and Khaki Pants

    School Store Link: https://ashleyacademy.itemorder.com/sale

    Shirts: Navy Blue Polo or White Oxford (Button-Down)

    Pants/Skirts: Khaki

    Shoes: Optional/ Must align with dress code



    Elementary Uniform Policy


    The Elementary School students at Ashley to participate in the VOLUNTARY uniform policy.

    Sending your child to school in uniform every day is VOLUNTARY. All items must be well-maintained, free of wrinkles and kept clean.

    Our VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION IN SMOD allows for many student choices while ensuring that students are neatly and appropriately dressed for learning. Our uniform code is as follows:

    • Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers - solid colors only.

    • White or navy tops - solid colors only.

    • No logos, pictures or writing on clothing.

    • No denim, jeans, cargo pants, joggers, leggings, sweat pants or pajama pants.

    • No tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, beachwear. No visible underwear.

    • “wrong-sized clothes” – either too big or too small - may not be worn to school.

    • Skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least fingertip length

    • Untucked shirts should not exceed wrist length

    • Pants must fit around the waist – oversized sagging pants are not part of the school uniform.

    • Regular shoes or sneakers with any design or color are acceptable. Flimsy sandals, flip-flops, slides/shower shoes,bedroom slippers, shoes with heels/wedges and “heelys” are not permitted. Shoes with flashing lights are very strongly discouraged. Please remember that K-5 students have a fitness/activity period and/or PE every day.

    • On PE days, students must wear sneakers. Cleats are not allowed.

    • Coats, jackets and hoodies may not be worn in the school building, except at arrival and dismissal. Cardigans are available on our school webstore for use inside the building.

    You can buy these uniform components at reasonable prices at our Ashley Academy Webstore or any department store. Your child may already have collared shirts and khakis in these colors. Just make sure they are in great condition and meet the dress code. Please call us if you need assistance getting a uniform for those that wish to participate in the VOLUNTARY (SMOD) UNIFORM STANDARD MODE OF DRESS.

    On announced Fridays, students may pay $1 to wear a shirt of their choice with their khaki bottoms. Ashley T-shirts will be available for purchase to wear on all field trips.