• Need a copy of your OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL transcript?    

    Current Students:

    To send your official high school transcript to any college or university in North Carolina except Wake Forest University (electronic copy, delivered in minutes):

    1. Log in to your CFNC.org portfolio (OR create a CFNC.org portfolio)
    2. Go to purple APPLY tab
    3. Go to Application Hub
    4. Review your information - your name must be EXACTLY as it appears in PowerSchool
    5. Choose the college to receive your electronic transcript
    6. Submit
    7. Track your transcript (transaction #) and view a pdf read-only copy of your transcript

    To send your official high school transcript to an out of state college, Wake Forest University or for a scholarship (paper copy delivered via US mail): 

    1. Complete the following form to request a transcript https://bit.ly/CurrentStudentsTranscript
    2. Current student transcripts are always free.

    Former Students:

    2018-2022 graduates can send an electronic transcript to any college or university in North Carolina for FREE using CFNC.org.  Just create an account (or log in to the account you created in high school) to find the APPLICATION HUB to send transcripts and complete college applications.  You must know your NC Student ID number.  Save yourself time, a drive and $5.00 by managing your high transcript requestss through CFNC.org! If you need to request a transcript but not able to send it for free through CFNC.org, please complete the following form to submit your request. Per WSFCS policy, the cost for each transcript is $5.00.To order a paper copy (if graduated within the past 5 years 2018-2023) Payments can be made at: Online Paymentshttps://bit.ly/FormerStudentTranscript


    Graduates prior to 2017 can request transcripts from the office of Former Student Records.  

Last Modified on August 23, 2023