• R.J. Reynolds JROTC Program of Instruction (Much More Than Wearing Uniforms!)

    • Leadership theory and application

    • Communication skills

    • Conflict resolution

    • Social and community responsibility

    • Financial planning

    • Citizenship and history

    • Wellness, fitness and first aid

    • Substance abuse awareness

    • Geography

    • Land navigation and map reading

    • Air rifle safety and marksmanship

    • Career planning

      We also offer a wide range of “extra-curricular” activities to keep our Cadets motivated!

    Unit 1: Introduction to JROTC:  A Character and Leadership Development Program

    - Introduces cadets to American symbols, customs, and overview of Army JROTC
    - Introduces the Department of Defense
    - Provides an overview of each branch of the military

    Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application

    - Introduces cadets to basic leadership concepts
    - Provides opportunities for leadership through the application of those concepts in command
      or staff positions
    - Introduces race relations and equal opportunity
    - Introduces cadets to mentoring and prepares them to participate in a mentoring relationship
    - Provides Leadership Laboratory instruction

    Unit 3: Foundations for Success

    - Introduces cadets to essential skills to maximize learning potential and future success
    - Cadets apply learning theory and techniques to improve study, communication, teaching, and
      planning skills
    - Cadets assess skill set and work to develop their maximum potential
    - Social responsibility, conflict resolution, and service learning opportunities provide further cadet

    Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid​

    - Explains physical fitness and how to maintain good health thorough proper diet and exercise
    - Provides cadets the opportunity to perform satisfactorily, at age group level, in the President's Physical
      Fitness Program
    - Provides cadets the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in basic first aid/lifesaving skills
    - Teaches awareness of substance abuse and prevention

    Unit 5: Geography and Earth Science

    - Introduces cadets to the components of the globe, map reading skills, and land navigation skills, as well
      as the sport of orienteering and the  techniques used in air navigation
    - Provides an overview on each of the continents, discussing physical, political, economic, and cultural elements
      of each region and country
    - Discusses the importance of environmental awareness and introduces cadets to environmental issues

    Unit 6: Citizenship and American History

    - Introduces the values and principles that underlie good citizenship
    - Emphasis is placed on topics such as the importance of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights;
      responsibilities of U.S. citizens; basic national values; the US federal justice system; and service to the community

    *In conjunction with citizenship, cadets are introduced to a variety of significant events and historical figures that
    contributed to our citizenship and American history