School Year: 2023-24                                        16 August 2023

    Course Outline (Revised Online Syllabus) – JROTC Leadership Education and Training I-IV

    Semester:  Year long class

    Course Number: Leadership Education and Training I-IV (LET 1-4)        

    Course Title: Army Junior ROTC- Leadership Education and Training 

    Coursework: (Level 1-4, 4 periods, A & B day year-long schedule)

    Course Dates (s): Online Courses Lecture & Leadership Lab, Monday thru Friday

    Course Time: 1st period, 8:50 am – 10:30 am

                            2nd Period, 10:35 am – 12:05 pm

                           3rd period, 12:10 pm – 2:00 pm

                            4th period, 2:05 pm – 3:40 pm

    Physical Training:  Fridays during class period(s).

    Classroom Location: History Bldg. under Cafeteria RJ Reynolds High School

    Instructor: MAJ Wes Whitaker & SFC Joaquin Bethea, United States Army Retired

    Phone: work (336)-703-4156 MAJ Whitaker Cell 334-425-9591 or SFC Bethea cell 910-584-1254  

    Email: wbwhitaker@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   jbethea@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                                                

    Office Hours: Planning, Monday thru Friday during 3rd period 12:07-2:07pm, times can be arranged by parent and instructor involved in conference

    Course Online (Syllabus) – JROTC Leadership Education and Training I-IV,

    Course Description: The Leadership Education and Training courses provide more details about leadership situations. The program is split into units including: Techniques of Communication, Leadership, Cadet Challenge, Leadership Lab, First Aid, Map Reading, History, Your American Citizenship, Career Opportunities, and Role of the U.S. Army. The wearing of the uniform and extracurricular activities are the same as for all LET levels.

    Course Objectives:   The specific objectives of this course are:

    1. Prepare students without formal training in Leadership Education and Training to understand the basic fundamentals of Citizenship in Action, Leadership Theory, Foundation of Success, Wellness and Fitness, First Aid, Geography, and Citizenship.
    2. Have students facilitate discussion about current events concerning the above mentioned topics.
    3. Enable students to develop physical fitness ability to meet the Junior Cadet Leadership Course physical fitness standards through Cadet Challenge Fitness Test.
    4. Provide a learning environment where students learn from experiences of other students.

    Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of previous LET course, or permission of the SAI/AI instructor.

    Text/References: LET 1-4 Reference Books issued to students.


    Teaching Methodology: You and I will share the responsibility for maximizing your learning experience. I will provide you with classroom lecture(s), demonstration and practical exercises and you are responsible for completing assignments and preparing for quizzes/exams.

    Attendance: Classroom lecture, leadership lab (drill & ceremony) and physical training (PT) attendance is mandatory. Report to class on time! You must coordinate with the instructor for absences due to emergency situations if your absent. If for some reason your absent due to an emergency situation you will have three (3) school days to make up any work that was missed.

    Uniform Requirements:

    1. Students are required to wear the Army Service Uniform (ASU) each Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which day the A & B schedule lands for that week.  The OCP uniform is authorized to wear for Raider Team cadets on each Tuesday, unless there is a scheduled ASU inspection. Note: There will NOT be a UNIFORM INSPECTION makeup day. If you miss the inspection without an excused written note, you will receive a grade ‘0” for the inspection. Otherwise you will receive an EXEMPT for the inspection of which may impact your grade.

    Course Outline (Syllabus) – JROTC Leadership Education and Training I-IV,  

    1. ASU uniforms are issued at no cost to parents. Our Army PT uniforms that we do have are for back up if a student doesn’t have any workout gear.  PT uniforms (ATHLETIC GEAR)are required and worn on PT days, Friday of each week. Physical Fitness is done every other week, meaning you will do PT twice a month. Wearing of each uniform, the ASU uniform on your designated day and PT (ATHLETIC GEAR) is counted as a MAJOR GRADE THAT OCCURS EVERY WEEK. 
    2. Students are encouraged to purchase a JROTC polo shirt, as an optional uniform when directed by the instructor and to show JROTC pride. THE POLO IS NOT MANDATORY TO HAVE, THIS IS JUST ANOTHER OPTION IN LIEU OF WEARING DRESS UNIFORM. THIS DAY OF WEARING POLO SHIRT WILL BE A SCHEDULED DAY THAT THE INSTRUCTORS WILL DESIGNATE WELL IN ADVANCE. LAB FEE of polo-shirt is $15.00 dollars. Students that do not purchase the polo-shirt are required to wear the Army Service Uniform (Blue) shirt on optional uniform days.


    1. Male students are required to meet haircut standards and shave on uniform days. Males are not authorized to wear earrings with the Army Service uniform. WE WILL DISCUSS WHAT IS ALLOWED PLEASE DON’T BE DISCOURAGED BY WHAT YOU MAY BE THINKING ISN’T ALLOWED. LET US TALK TO YOU FIRST BEFORE MAKING ANY CHOICES. 
    2. Female students must wear their hair above the collar on uniform days. Females are authorized to wear only ¼ stud earrings in uniform.
    3. Students who fail to wear the uniform will result in 0 points for grade and a 60 on weekly evaluation grade or loss of points for each improper wear of uniform infraction in accordance of with uniform CHECKLIST.


    1. Extracurricular JROTC Team Activities: Students are encouraged to participate in at least one JROTC extracurricular activity (i.e. Drill, Raider, Rifle, Robotic, JLAB). (Practice Time: Drill Team – Mon & Wed, 4:00pm-5pm; Rifle Team (A-Tue, B-Thurs.) -4:00pm-5:00pm; Raider Team - Tue and Thur, 4:00pm-5:00pm, Robotic Team – TBA; JLAB Team – Thursdays, 4:00pm-5:00pm. THERE WILL BE NO PRACTICES HELD ON FRIDAYS.
    1. Presentation: Students will be required to conduct a presentation. (Military Briefing). (Worth 100 points of overall grade). Topic to be announced (TBA).

    Course Outline and Evaluation: Students can achieve up to 1000 points for this course.

    Evaluated Areas                                              Maximum Points        Grade Percentage

    Wear of Uniform (test grade each wk.)    400                              40%

    Final Exam                                                     200                              20%

    Test                                                                100                              10%

    Quizzes x 4 (25%)                                        100                              10%

    Presentation/Project                                 100                              10%

    Class/Physical Training Participation      100                              10%

    Total                                                               1000                            100%

    Overall Grade Per Point Scale: The following is the overall grade per point scale for this class.

    A = 100-90             B=89-80           C=79-70           D=69-60     F=0-59

    Course Outline (Syllabus) – JROTC Leadership Education and Training I-IV     Page 4

    Master Training Schedule - Course Subjects (LET 1-4):

    • Unit 1: Citizenship in Action
    • Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application
    • Unit 3: Foundation of Success
    • Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness and First Aid
    • Unit 5: Geography and Earth Science
    • Unit 6: Citizenship Skills
    • Mandatory Core Service Learning – Making a Difference with Service Learning
    • Cadet Challenge (Cadet Reference Guide)


    Class Schedule: See Appendix 1

                Note: Dates, times and subject material(s) are subject to change.

    Class Information:

    1. The Army Junior ROTC Department will issue uniforms and other equipment for your use. You are responsible for picking up and returning uniform items in accordance with posted scheduled times. Cadets will be given ARMY SERVICE UNIFORM (ASU) this consist of jacket, pants, shirt, tie, sock, and shoes. (MALES ONLY) A white cotton t-shirt will need to be purchased by student or parent to wear under dress shirt.
    2. When returning uniform back only items needed to return is jacket, pants, tie, and shirt. If not returned this will be added to the student's bill and will not be able to graduate until debt is paid. This is a normal debt that can occur from any class and be added to the students account as their tenure at Reynolds High last. All debits acquired during time at Reynolds High must be paid prior to receiving a diploma; this is not an JROTC policy, it's a school policy.
    1. Consistently check JROTC event calendars and schedules to maintain a timely picture of JROTC events. All events and a calendar will be placed on JROTC social media sites; which are TEAM APP and rjrbattalionjrotc Instagram page. For the TEAM APP search Demon Battalion join then request access. To join our REMIND PAGE download the REMIND app, then search RJRJROTCWE ENCOURAGE ALL CADETS AND PARENTS TO JOIN EACH SOCIAL MEDIA SITE. This will provide a clear view of what your cadet is doing while with the JROTC instructors.
    2. While in JROTC your cadet will be photographed for doing numerous events. This is only to promote the program and to show what your cadet is accomplishing while in the program. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED OR PLACED ON ANY OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS, PLEASE WRITE OUT THAT YOU WANT YOUR STUDENT TO OPT OUT BEING PHOTOGRAPHED AND PLACED ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES WE HAVE IN THE PROGRAM. You can do this by writing this on the returned syllabus that is you are required to sign and your cadet brings back for their first grade.



    Reference: Curriculum Manager, Hard Drive; Leadership Education and Training 1-4 Textbooks 

    Good luck and enjoy your school year! “Demon Pride”

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    Wes Whitaker, Major, USA (RETIRED) Senior Army Instructor

    Joaquin H. Bethea, Sergeant First Class USA (RETIRED) Army Instructor



    R.J. Reynolds JROTC Program of Instruction (Much More Than Wearing Uniforms!)


    • Leadership theory and application
    • Communication skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Social and community responsibility
    • Financial planning
    • Citizenship and history
    • Wellness, fitness and first aid
    • Substance abuse awareness
    • Geography
    • Land navigation and map reading
    • Air rifle safety and marksmanship
    • Career planning


    We also offer a wide range of “extra-curricular” activities to keep our Cadets motivated!

    ​Unit 1: Introduction to JROTC:  A Character and Leadership Development Program

    - Introduces cadets to American symbols, customs, and overview of Army JROTC
    - Introduces the Department of Defense
    - Provides an overview of each branch of the military

    Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application

    - Introduces cadets to basic leadership concepts
    - Provides opportunities for leadership through the application of those concepts in command
      or staff positions
    - Introduces race relations and equal opportunity
    - Introduces cadets to mentoring and prepares them to participate in a mentoring relationship
    - Provides Leadership Laboratory instruction

    Unit 3: Foundations for Success

    - Introduces cadets to essential skills to maximize learning potential and future success
    - Cadets apply learning theory and techniques to improve study, communication, teaching, and
      planning skills
    - Cadets assess skill set and work to develop their maximum potential
    - Social responsibility, conflict resolution, and service learning opportunities provide further cadet

    Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid​

    - Explains physical fitness and how to maintain good health thorough proper diet and exercise
    - Provides cadets the opportunity to perform satisfactorily, at age group level, in the President's Physical
      Fitness Program
    - Provides cadets the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in basic first aid/lifesaving skills
    - Teaches awareness of substance abuse and prevention

    Unit 5: Geography and Earth Science

    - Introduces cadets to the components of the globe, map reading skills, and land navigation skills, as well
      as the sport of orienteering and the  techniques used in air navigation
    - Provides an overview on each of the continents, discussing physical, political, economic, and cultural elements
      of each region and country
    - Discusses the importance of environmental awareness and introduces cadets to environmental issues

    Unit 6: Citizenship and American History

    - Introduces the values and principles that underlie good citizenship
    - Emphasis is placed on topics such as the importance of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights;
      responsibilities of U.S. citizens; basic national values; the US federal justice system; and service to the community

    *In conjunction with citizenship, cadets are introduced to a variety of significant events and historical figures that
    contributed to our citizenship and American history

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