• Events/Extra Curriculum Activities!

    Drill/Color Guard

           N J

          2. Practice:Hours: 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday and Wednesday

    Rifle Team

          1. Competitions:

             14 September 2019 at Coliseum Annex
               February 2020 NCNG Marksmanship Champ at Mt Tabor H.S.
          2. Practice:

             Hours: 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
             Tuesday and Thursday

    Raider Team

          1. k i g

          2. Practice:

              Hours: 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
              Monday and *Wednesday

    Robotics Team: Image result for rotc robotics

    RJR Color Guard: Home football, basketball games and other events as requested

    COS Boards: Held at Ed Center 1630

         1. Competitions:

              (a) LET III - October 2019 

              (b) LET III - February 2020  

         2. Competitions:

              (a) LET II - November 2019  

              (b) LET II - March 2020               

         3. Competitions:

              (a) LET I - November 2019

              (b) LET I - March 2020

    College Tour/Educational Trip: To be determined

    Middle School RecrutingThis consist of cadets who have demonstrated potential as good role models. Cadets go and demonstrate what JROTC is all about and some cases teach classes depending on leadership level. 

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    Essay Contest Winners: Due 01 February 20

    Community Service Activities:

     September 2019 - Ashley Furniture Picnic - Fundraiser (Need 16 parent volunteers + 50 cadets)

     November 2019 - Industries for the Blind Solutions (Color Guard/National Anthem - Singer - 5 cadets)

     November 2019 - Heritage Nursing Home (Service Learning Project - 17 cadets)

     November 2019 - Veteran’s Day Parade (Mandatory for all cadets - 48 cadets)

    December 2019 - YMCA Annual 5 K Run Color Guard - (4 cadets)

    BDE JPA:

         05 Dec 2019 (All day event)

    BDE Review: at North Forsyth High School

         22 May 2020 (Key Leaders/Awardees Rehearsal)
         23 May 2020 (Key Leaders/Awardees Rehearsal)
         24 May 2020 (Mandatory All)

    Summer Training Camp (JCLC): 19-23 June 2020 (for selected cadets)

    Military Ball: 16 March 2020 (for selected cadets)

    Awards Ceremonies:

         September 2020JCLC Awardee Ceremony (for selected cadets)
         Internal Promotion and Award Ceremony (TBD)

    College Tour  Feb 2020 CIAA Education Day in Charlotte, NC (for selected cadets)

    Senior Trip: (TBD)




    Get with instructor and they will guide in the process