Demon Battalion Leadership

  • LTC GANTT (Battalion Commander)

    Battalion Commander

    LTC Gantt

    Responsibilities and Duties of the BN CDR

    1. Responsible for the training, administration, logistical support, discipline, morale, and performance of the cadet Battalion. In essence, is responsible for what the unit does or does not do.
    2. Reports directly to the SAI/AI.
    3. Sets the example for his/her Battalion in appearance, attitude, conduct, bearing, tact, discipline, and performance.      
    4. Commands the Battalion through proper use of the cadet chain of command and within the policy and guidelines set by the SAI/AI.




    Battalion XO

    MAJ Driscoll

    Responsibilities and Duties of the XO

    1. In the absence of the Battalion Commander the Battalion Executive Officer assumes command and is responsible for the efficient operation of the command. Must be totally familiar with the duties of the Battalion Commander.
    2. Coordinates and supervises the cadet staff to ensure that the orders and policies of the Battalion Commander are carried out effectively. 
    3. The Battalion Executive Officer is responsible to the Battalion Commander for all discipline within the Battalion
    4. Keeps the Battalion Commander informed of problem areas within the unit in general, and of action taken or recommended with respect to such problems. 
    5. In coordination with the Command Sergeant Major investigates all cadet complaints concerning the merit/demerit system and makes recommendations to the Battalion Commander and the SAI/AI concerning any irregularities. 
    6. Serves as president of the honor board.


    Battalion CSM

    CSM Blackwell

    Responsibilities and Duties of the CSM

    1. Is the senior cadet noncommissioned officer in the unit and the commander's advisor concerning enlisted and noncommissioned cadets and makes recommendations concerning promotions/reductions/awards and/or problem areas encountered.
    2. Responsible to the Commander for consolidation of attendance rosters at Battalion formations.
    3. Monitors the merit/demerit system.
    4. Is responsible for the police of the JROTC classrooms and outside areas. 
    5. Assigns extra duties and details as needed on a fair and equitable basis to enlisted cadets.
    6. Assists the Battalion Executive Officer in conducting investigations into irregularities and complaints concerning the merit/demerit system .

    Battalion Staff

    S-1: Cadet 1LT Vacant

    S-2: Cadet 1LT Vacant

    S-3: Cadet 1LT Vacant

    S-4: Cadet 1LT Vacant

    S-5: Cadet 1LT Vacant

    S-1: Administration 

    Responsibilities and Duties

    1. Prepares orders. directives, or announcements as directed by the Battalion Commander or Executive Officer and in conjunction/coordination with the SAI/AI.
    2. Prepares and maintains current organizational rosters.
    3. Maintains the cadet JROTC record files, correspondence and publication to include posting all necessary information JUMS cadet records.

    S-2: Information/Security 
    Responsibilities and Duties

    1. The Battalion S-2 assists the SAI/AI in matters pertaining to unit security and enforces the provisions of the security requirements for the battalion.
    2. He/she reports to the Battalion Executive Officer and assists in making periodic inspections of the security of weapons.
    3. The S-2 makes period inspections of the security of the supply room and equipment storage areas.

    S-3: Operations and Training
    Responsibilities and Duties

    1. The Battalion S-3 is the principal staff assistant to the commander in matters pertaining to organization, training, and primary operations. He/she also advises and assists other staff officers in the operational aspects of their particular activities.
    2. The S-3 prepares all training schedules in accordance with the master training and program of instruction.
    3. The S-3 is responsible for the storage, maintenance, and issue of training aids and reference materials.
    4. The S-3 plans for, and coordinates, all of the Battalion's training activities to include field trips, parades and extra-curricular activities (JROTC, school, community support).
    5. Ensures that classroom and field training areas are properly prepared prior to training.
    6. Ensures that cadet instructors are properly prepared to give assigned classes and that the Battalion Commander is informed of the evaluation given to all cadet instructors.
    7. In absence of the Battalion Commander and Executive Officer, the S-3 assumes command of the unit.

    S-4: Logistics/Supply 
    Responsibilities and Duties

    1. the principal staff assistant to the Battalion Commander in matters pertaining to the provision supply, maintenance, transportation, and miscellaneous logistic support.
    2. Is responsible for the storage and maintenance of accurate supply records, to include cadet clothing records, hand receipts, up-to-date inventories within the unit, and other supply actions, as directed by the SAI/AI.
    3. Responsible for the storage, maintenance, issue, and turn-in of all supplies and reference material as directed by the SAI/AI.
    4. Is thoroughly familiar with supply procedure, requisitions, turn-in salvage, laundry/dry cleaning/alterations pick-up, and inventory of equipment. 
    5. Assigns weapons to cadets, supervises the armor in the maintenance of weapons and equipment, and maintains records of maintenance preformed on weapons.
    6. Responsible for the cleanliness, organization, and up-keep of the supply and arms room area.
    7. Responsible for the investigation of losses of issued property, under the guidance of the SAI/AI.

    S-5: Public Information 
    Responsibilities and Duties

    1. The S-5 is the principal staff assistant to the commander on public information and the public relations matters between the Army and the JROTC  program. 
    2. Prepares and distribute news to local media. 
    3. Photographs major JROTC events and performances. 
    4. Assists staff sections during special ceremonies. 
    5. Assists the SAI/AI in activities involving the compilation of the organizational units currently supporting the Army JROTC program. He/she will handle the preparation of invitations, the mail-outs, responses, seating arrangements, and protocol.
    6. Due to exposure to te public, the S-5 must be fully knowledgeable of the organizational structure and mission of the Grovetown High School Army JROTC program.
    7. Responsible for maintaining and creating the battalion website with updates of current JROTC events, pictures, etc.




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