• Representatives from the following colleges will be on the RJR campus at the dates and times listed below.  Please contact Ms. Whitehead in Guidance, if you are planning to attend.  All meetings are in Guidance unless otherwise noted.  Parents are welcome to attend, if there is a Career Center conflict with the time. 
    Updated 2/14/2020
    Date  College Time
    9/19/2019 Virginia Tech 12:00pm
    9/19/19 Emerson College 2:00pm
    9/23/19 Dartmouth College 12:00pm
    9/25/19 Pace University 12:00pm
    9/30/19 Elon University 12:00pm
    10/2/19 Presbyterian College 2:30pm
    10/2/19 Liberty University 1:30pm
    10/4/19 Southern Methodist Univ 12:00pm
    10/7/19 Davidson College 1:30pm
    10/14/19 Furman University 9:30am
    10/15/19 College of Charleston 12:00pm
    10/16/19 North Carolina Central University 11:00am
    10/18/19 Guilford College 12:00pm
    10/18/19 UNC - Asheville 12pm-2pm
    10/22/19 Wesleylan University 10:00am
    10/22/19 Fayetteville State Univ 1:30pm
    10/25/19 Ferrum College 12:00pm
    10/31/19 Gettysburg College 9:30am
    11/6/19 Sweet Briar College 1:30pm
    11/7/19 NC A&T State University 12:00 pm
    11/22/19 Salem College 12:00 pm
    2/13/20 North Carolina A&T 12:00 pm
    3/5/20 UNC-Charlotte 2:00 pm
     3/10/20 Fayetteville State University    12pm-2pm