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    The Morgan Menace logo was designed to honor Mr. Frank Morgan, our school's namesake,

    for his service to our country in World War II.

                                            EBOB coaches: Lisa England, Susan Jameson, Jill Carter and Stacey Self                                                     

    The Morgan Menace EBOB program is beginning for the 2018 contest! Our final 12 team members were named right before winter break and are ready for the competition season. We had over 30 students interested in trying out for this high-energy, brain-building, fun and exciting program! The team meets each week on Monday and Thursday after school to practice and battle each other, refining their skills answering questions from 15 different titles.  This team will compete within our district in semi-finals in February, and hopefully qualify for finals in the spring.

    UPDATE: The Morgan Menace is headed to finals on April 20th!


     Go, Morgan Menace!!!