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    More about Enrichment & AG Services at The Downtown School 
    All students at The Downtown School receive enhanced curriculum instruction through the enrichment special. Students who are AIG-identified also attend a grade-level, quarterly mini-course unit. 


    The Downtown School adopted the "School-Wide Enrichment Model," based on the work of the educational philosopher Joseph Renzulli. Enrichment classes include every kindergarten to 5th grade student in the school, regardless of AG identification. 

    You can read more about Renzulli's philosophy and enrichment model here: http://www.gifted.uconn.edu/sem/
    from the website:
    "The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) (Renzulli, 1977; Renzulli & Reis, 1985, 1997) is widely implemented as an enrichment program used with academically gifted and talented students and a magnet theme/enrichment approach for all schools interested in high-end learning and developing the strengths and talents of all students. The major goal of the SEM is the application of gifted education pedagogy to total school improvement. The SEM provides enriched learning experiences and higher learning standards for all children through three goals; developing talents in all children, providing a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences for all students, and providing advanced follow-up opportunities for young people based on their strengths and interests. The SEM focuses on enrichment for all students through high levels of engagement and the use of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences that are constructed around students' interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression."


    DTS provides Mini-Courses to our AG-identified, 3rd - 5th grade students. These students have one Mini-Course per grade level each quarter. Mini-Course is, approximately, a 12 day intensive study of a specific topic. In Mini-Course, students should expect to move at an accelerated rate and to have a final cumulative activity to show evidence of their learning. As a grade level, teachers send 15 students. AG students are required to attend every Mini-Course for their grade level. If there are spaces in a class not filled by AG students, the teachers and I choose additional students to attend. Some of the qualifications for a non-AG identified student to attend Mini-Course include an interest in the subject, excellent task commitment, and participation in class (among other things). 

Last Modified on March 16, 2023