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  • Valkyries Mission and Vision 

    North Forsyth’s High School Dance Team is a collective group of dancers who promote the vision of NFHS athletics. As a team our mission is to encourage school spirit and involvement, teamwork, work ethic, dedication, respect and an appreciation of dance. A successful team has two common denominators: a strong sense of community and a shared path towards a common goal. The mission of the Valkyries is to provide dancers with successful and meaningful experiences that carry throughout all facets of their lives. 


    The Valkyries have personal goals of high academic achievement, developing their danceability, learning effective time management, forming strong bonds with others, and learning to become a valuable member of society. The success of the team is due to the incredible dedication from the dancers, parent involvement, and experienced coaches. Dancers exhibit great sportsmanship and positive attitudes toward teammates, competitors, school, and parents. The dancers on the Valkyries have the utmost respect for their coaching staff and each other. 

  • NFHS Valkyries 



    Danielle Kinne