• Electronic Devices During Testing

    Policy: Collections of Students’ electronics during State Testing

    Tests: PSAT, PreACT, WorkKeys, EOC/NCFE/CTE Exams, ACT, ACCESS, AP Exams

    All listed tests above have wording similar to this in their manuals:

    Prohibited items include: • Electronic devices. Other than permitted calculators, students are not allowed to have in their possession cell phones or any other electronic recording, listening, scanning, or photographic devices at any time during testing, including breaks. Any student found or observed with a cell phone/electronic device during testing time must be dismissed from testing and a misadministration declared for that student.  

    Test Administrators’ Guide NC Final Exams 2017–18 Online 19


    Phones, fitbits, smart watches and other small electronics that have Bluetooth and or camera technology are to be 1) left at home, 2) locked in the student’s car or 3) turned in to the test administrator. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT DEVICES ARE LEFT AT HOME OR LOCKED IN THE STUDENT’S CAR. ITEMS TURNED IN TO THE TEST ADMINISTRATOR ARE DONE SO WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THE SCHOOL DOES NOT ASSUME LIABILITY FOR THE DEVICES IN THEIR POSSESSION.

    If these items are turned in then a means of identification will be provided to attach to the device (cards or sticky notes). Devices will be placed in the collection bucket by the student. Buckets with devices will be picked up prior to the beginning of the test and stored securely during the test. The bucket is then returned to the administrator for distribution.

    Laptops and larger electronic items must 1) left at home, 2) locked in the student’s car or 3) be turned off and stowed in the student’s backpack in the hallway.

    There will be an adult on every hall during testing to assure the backpacks are secure. For devices in the hallway the student is ultimately responsible to assure that the device is turned off. If an alarm sounds that disturbs testing then the student will face disciplinary action and possible misadministration of their test.

    As always our goal is to have the highest standards for our testing environment. Misuse or mishandling of electronic devices during testing affects not only the device’s owner but also the other students as well. We encourage all students to leave devices at home on testing days.