• Walkertown Elementary

    School-Parent-Student Compact 2020-2021


    Walkertown Elementary, a Title I federally funded school, is committed to provide each student with the tools necessary to successfully meet the challenges they will face in a diverse world.  We understand that our families, school staff, and community create the educational environment necessary to accomplish this task.  As a result we have jointly developed this compact to be read, agreed to, and distributed to our entire school family.  We ask that you promise to do this by signing and dating the portion of the compact that applies to you. 

    First Grade Team


    As a 1st grade student, I will:

    • always try my best.
    • listen and follow directions.
    • do my homework.
    • do my take-home reading.
    • practice sight words.


    Signature: ___________________________          Date:_________


    As the parent/guardian of a 1st grade student, I will:

    • make sure my child is prepared for school (regular bed time, snack, books/homework).
    • encourage my child to do his/her best.
    • check over my child’s homework.
    • read with my child and ask questions.
    • read and respond (if needed) to letters and phone calls from school.
    • take responsibility for lost/damaged books and cafeteria fines.


    Signature: ___________________________          Date:_________


    As a 1st grade teacher, I will:

    • teach state and district required curriculum and content to my students.
    • use both whole group and small group instruction.
    • encourage every student to do his/her best.
    • meet the needs of students.
    • inform parents of their child’s progress.
    • provide parents with suggestions for helping their child with reading.


    Signature: ___________________________          Date:_________

Last Modified on September 11, 2020