• Walkertown Elementary

    School-Parent-Student Compact 2020-2021


    Walkertown Elementary is committed to provide each student with the tools necessary to successfully meet the challenges they will face in a diverse world.  We understand that our families, school staff, and community create the educational environment necessary to accomplish this task.  As a result we have jointly developed this compact to be read, agreed to, and distributed to our entire school family.  We ask that you promise to do this by signing and dating the portion of the compact that applies to you. 

    Third Grade


    As a parent, I will be responsible for:

    1. assuring that my child attends regularly, on time, and with necessary supplies.
    2. providing a quiet place that is free of all distractions to complete homework each night.
    3. staying aware of what my child is learning in school.
    4. responding to all communication from my child’s teacher within 24 hours.
    5. reviewing papers sent home in my child’s weekly folder.  I will complete and return any necessary paperwork the following school day.
    6. checking my child’s agenda each night and initial after reviewing his/her homework.


    Parent/or Guardian’s Signature ______________________ Date _____


    As a student, I will be responsible for:

    1. coming to school on time and being ready to work.
    2. showing respect for and cooperating with adults and peers in school.
    3. putting forth my best effort each day in all my classes.
    4. completing all assignments (including homework) and return on time.
    5. participating in class each day.
    6. listening and following the directions of all faculty and staff at Walkertown Elementary.


    Student’s Signature _________________________ Date ___________


    As a teacher, I will be responsible for:

    1. providing an environment conducive to learning.
    2. demonstrating my belief that children can learn and grow to their fullest potential.
    3. maintaining open lines of communication with both students and their parents, including meeting on a mutually convenient basis to discuss academic progress.
    4. documenting each child’s academic progress.
    5. working with children as needed on an individual or small group basis to ensure each child is working toward his or her learning potential.
    6. being available and willing to attend and participate in training opportunities to further educational and leadership skills.
    7. communicating about student progress with parents.


    Teacher’s Signature ___________________Date _____________

Last Modified on September 11, 2020