Career-related Program (CP) Pathway

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    Overview of CP


    Course options

    The CP curriculum is comprised of:

    • CP core
      • Personal and professional skills course
      • Service learning
      • Reflective Project
      • Language Development
    • Minimum of two DP courses, either SL or HL, relevant to candidate’s career related studies
    • A career-related study in one of the following:
      • Business
      • Health-related
      • Information and technology


    *Restrictions on course registration

    Students in this programme may not register for any of the following:

    • The same subject at both standard level and higher level.
    • The same language for studies in language and literature and language acquisition.
    • Courses in both literature and performance and theatre.
    • Any two subjects from mathematics.
    • Any pilot subject.
    • More than one standard level subject for completion in one year. Only one DP subject at standard level can be completed in the first year of the CP; any additional standard level subjects must be completed over two years.
    • Any DP core components: creativity, activity, service (CAS); theory of knowledge (TOK); and the extended essay.

    Excerpted from: Career-related Programme: From principles into practice, IBO, December 2015, p. 46.


    The courses we offer at Parkland are here.



    CP Assessment

    Candidates attempting the CP are required to complete all internal and external assessments for the DP subjects in which they are registered.

    Additionally, candidates are required to complete all assessment components of the CP core.  The reflective project is graded by the school and moderated by the IBO.  The other three components are assessed by the school and reported to the IBO.

    The career-related study is assessed or validated by the relevant external authority and does not have to be reported to the IBO.

    More information about assessments for particular components or courses is located in the page on that component in Appendix A: Subject Briefs (Overviews).



    Earning the Career-related Programme Certificate

    The Certificate of the Career-related Programme of the International Baccalaureate will be awarded subject to satisfactory completion of the following requirements by a candidate:

    1. The candidate has completed the specified career-related study.
    2. The candidate has been awarded a grade 3 or more in at least two of the Diploma Programme courses registered for the Career-related Programme.
    3. The candidate has been awarded a grade of at least D for the reflective project.
    4. Personal and professional skills, service learning and language development requirements have been met.
    5. The candidate has not received a penalty for academic misconduct.

    Excerpted from Overview of the Career-related Programme, IBO, August 2016, p. 16.


    Earning course results

    Candidates will receive official course results for each course in which they test.  This is an IBO-issued document that contains the names of the courses and the grades earned for each course.


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