Course Program Pathway

  • Course Program Pathway


    Course options

    Candidates in this pathway may choose to take any IB DP course (see DP course list) that they would like to study at a more rigorous level.  Candidates may take as many or as few IB courses as they like.

    Note that course candidates may take English A: literature and/or history at SL; HL is only required in these subjects for DP candidates

    Course candidates do not take DP Core or CP Core components. 

    The courses we offer at Parkland are here.


    Course Assessment

    Candidates are required to complete all internal and external assessments for the DP subjects in which they are registered.


    Earning course results

    Candidates will receive official course results for each course in which they test.  This is an IBO-issued document that contains the names of the courses and the grades earned for each course.

    Students who opt to be course candidates are ineligible for the Diploma or the Career-related Programme Certificate.