• Vision Statement

    The mission of Parkland Magnet High School will be realized by building a community united in a quest for knowledge and purpose that values diversity and individuality, emphasizes integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability, and equips students with skills for the 21st Century and for success in a global society.

                We believe that all students are capable of tackling higher-level opportunities that will enable them to fully participate in such a complex society.

    We believe that learning with the head and heart allows for students to engage in experiences that provide foundations for academic success, innovative thinking, social and civic responsibility, and transformative leadership.

                We believe that, in order to meet students’ needs, we must reach beyond the educational environment, connecting resources and expertise of the community to enhance and deepen learning.

                We believe that educators are facilitators of learning, creating varied ways for students to take responsibility for their own life-long learning and thinking, for the life and career path they choose.

                We believe that our work collectively is vital for student success, academically and personally.

          **Adapted from mission statement created by Caitlin Boone and Heather Purvis, June, 2016

Last Modified on January 11, 2018