• Service Club Application--Get Involved!--Due January 31 at 4 PM 

    Student Life is an important part of being a high school student. At RJR, we have more than 60 clubs--including academic, special interest, and service clubs and honor societies.

    WSFCS policy states that "service clubs should provide service to school and community. These clubs should foster leadership, citizenship, and character development. Students may be denied membership in a service club due to;

    • a lack of a specified grade point average not to fall below a "c" average
    • record of misconduct
    • lack of commitment to providing service to the school and/or community
    • lack of teacher recommendations or any other qualifications deemed appropriate by the club, subject to the approval of the faculty advisor and principal"

    At Reynolds, the way we go about adhering to these guidelines is to encourage students to join service organizations after the Fall semester.

    We strive to be leaders in the community, and hope that you choose to help us continue this great tradition at Reynolds.

    The Application Process:

    • You should look at several clubs that you would consider joining. Although ALL students who wish to join a service club and who adhere to the guidelines/policies set out here will be accepted into a service club, you are not guaranteed acceptance into your first choice club.
    • Attend the interest meeting December 7th after school in the cafeteria to learn about this process
    • Talk to students who are in a variety of clubs--learn about what they do and what their requirements are
    • Complete at least six "mock hours" between the start of this school year and January 31st. These mock hours show that you have a commitment to doing service to your school and community, and they may have been completed at any time since the school year started. Working for a political campaign or babysitting for free does not count as community service. The InterClub Council has the right to reject any hours that it does not deem worthy. Please list the hours on the service club log form (Part 4 of this application) and have them signed by the adult in charge. Your parent may NOT sign the form (even if they are the adult in charge). At least 3 hours MUST be completed as service to school and at least 3 must be completed as service to the community.
    • Complete the service club application packet and return to Mrs. Bergstone's box in the main office by 4 PM January 31, 2018. If you are absent from school that day, have someone turn it in for you. Forms may be turned in at any time before the due date, but will NOT be accepted after the due date.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Do NOT procrastinate!

    Once you complete the requirements, you will be placed on a list of eligible students. The list of eligible students will be posted outside the main office by February 2nd.

    Service Clubs at RJR--the following clubs are categorized as SERVICE CLUBS and participate in this application process:

    • Ebony Society
    • Girls Council
    • Key Club
    • Reynolds Arts Service Club
    • Reynolds Girls Club
    • Senior Girls Service Club


    • Informational Session December 7 in the Cafeteria after school
    • Applications available December 7-January 31st
    • Students complete Mock hours (at least 3 for school and 3 for community) no later than January 31
    • Applications due January 31st at 4 PM
    • Mrs. Bergstone check for eligibility (grades, discipline, complete applications)
    • List of eligible students posted February 2 outside the main office--if you believe there is an error, please come see Mrs. Bergstone
    • WEEK OF FEBRUARY 20th--students learn what club they will be in

    Applications (Click each part to view/print a PDF) 

           Part 1 - Student Application

           Part 2 - Parent/Guardian Permission

           Part 3 - Teacher Recommendation

           Part 4 - Mock Service Hours Log