• What if we were to rethink our mornings?

    What if mornings were a time where students were excited to come into class? What if students were doing activities that involved collaboration, strategy, creativity, inquiry, rigor, problem-solving, critical thinking, or addressing various learning styles?

    At Speas Global we want to transform the culture and classroom atmosphere early in the morning when we start our day! We want students to rush to unpack their things so they can get to their choice for the morning. We want our students to begin their day completing a task they enjoy without the stress of having to ensure they complete a worksheet or something that will count as a grade. We want to provide students opportunities to work together, build relationships, and develop communication skills and social skills.

    A positive classroom environment early in the morning sets the stage for a successful rest of the day!

    You can help by sending in donations such as board games, legos, blocks, puzzles, etc. See the graphic and the letter below! Thanks in advance for any donations you can give!

    Source of inspiration: http://mrdovico.blogspot.com/2017/02/rethinking-morning-work.html

    Morning Choice List

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