Q: My child wants to participate in art and band. Can they still be in NAF?

    A: Yes! Our Student Services Team will work closely with you and your child to support their          success.

    Q: If my student goes to North Forsyth, will they be a Magnet student?

    A: Yes. The skills they will learn from the program will serve students in their post-secondary          endeavors.

    Q: Can my student take AP classes and be in the program?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about registration and class descriptions?

    A: Student Services, 336-661-4890

    Q: What is health science seminar and do all students take this course?

    A: Yes! All students get the opportunity to take this course Freshman or Sophomore year. This        is an exploratory course which introduces students to the 7 pathways which North Forsyth          has to offer students. At the end of the course, students select which pathway they’d like to        pursue which will build their coursework throughout the rest of their high school career.

    Q: What is the criteria for my student to stay in the Magnet program?

    A: In order to remain in the Magnet program, out of zone students must exhibit exemplary            conduct. If a student accumulates ten or more unexcused absences, thirty or more                    unexcused tardies/early releases, or if a student fails or refuses to exhibit exemplary                  conduct (any out-of-school suspensions) the student may be re-assigned to his/her                    residential school at the end of the year.  A student admitted to a magnet school who does        not complete magnet program requirements may be returned to their residential school at          the end of the school year.