• The following evaluation instruments are approved for use in determining student eligibility.

    Aptitude Evaluations

    Achievement Evaluations


    • DAS (Differential Abilities Scales-2 ed.)
    • K-ABC-II (Kaufman Aptitude Battery for Children-2 ed.)
    • RIAS (Reynolds Intellectual Assessment System)
    • Stanford-Binet V (minimum of six subtests)
    • WISC-V (Weschler Intelligence Scales for Children-5th ed.)
    • WAIS-V (Weschler Adult Intelligence Scales – 5th ed.) (16 years
    • of age or older)
    • Group Administered Assessments of Aptitude/Intelligence:
    • CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)
    • NNAT (Naiglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test)
    • OLSAT (Otis Lennon Scholastic Ability Test)
    • RAVEN (Raven's Progressive Matrices Test)
    • SFTAA (Short Form Test of Academic Aptitude)
    • TCS-2(Test of Cognitive Skills)
    • InView

    Achievement Evaluations must include administration of reading, math and language mechanics components to be used in AIG eligty assessment.

    • SAT (Stanford Achievement Test)
    • CAT-V (California Achievement Test, 5th ed.)
    • ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills)
    • MAT (Metropolitan Achievement Test)
    • KTEA –II
    • Terra Nova-3
    • 'WJ-IV (Woodcock Johnson) Psychoeducational Battery-4th ed.)
    • KTEA-III


    For a list of instruments NOT accepted by WS/FCS for AIG Eligibility, please SELECT: NON-ACCEPTABLE INSTRUMENTS FOR WS/FCS AIG ELIGIBILITY