• School Improvement Plans

    All WS/FCS School Improvement Plans are housed in the web-based NCStar system.  To access a school’s improvement plan:

    • Go to the website indistar.org.
    • Log in using the same information for login and password (provided in the list below).
    • You can find a quick snapshot of the school’s goals by clicking on the “Mission/Goals/Selected Indicators” tab. You will find a more detailed version of the plan by clicking on the “Reports/WiseWays/Indicators & Rubrics” tab then clicking on “Comprehensive Plan”.

    For a visual guide on how to log into and navigate the NCStar.


    School Logins and Passwords


    Guest Login
    (Password and User ID are the same)

    Guest Login
    (Password and User ID are the same)
    Atkins A&T High Guests16170 Meadowlark Elementary Guests16201
    Ashley Academy Elementary Guests15356 Meadowlark Middle Guests16202
    Bolton Elementary Guests16171 Middle College Guests16203
    Brunson Elementary Guests15357 Middle Fork Elementary Guests16204
    Caleb's Creek Elementary Guests16172 Mineral Springs Magnet Elementary Guests16205
    Career Center Guests16173 Mineral Springs Magnet Middle Guests15364
    Carter High Guests16175 Moore Magnet Elementary Guests16206
    Carver High Guests15358 Morgan Elementary Guests16208
    Cash Elementary Guests16174 Mount Tabor High Guests16207
    Children’s Center Guests16176 North Forsyth High Guests16209
    Clemmons Elementary Guests16177 North Hills Elementary Guests16210
    Clemmons Middle Guests16178 Northwest Middle Guests16211
    Cook Literacy Model Elementary Guests7213 Old Richmond Elementary Guests16212
    Diggs-Latham Elementary Guests16198 Old Town Elementary Guests16213
    Downtown School Guests16179 Paisley Magnet Middle Guests15365
    Early College High Guests16180 Parkland Magnet High Guests16214
    East Forsyth High Guests16181 Petree Elementary Guests5962
    East Forsyth Middle Guests16182 Philo-Hill Magnet Middle Guests15368
    Easton Elementary Guests15360 Piney Grove Elementary Guests16215
    Flat Rock Middle Guests16183 Reagan High Guests16216
    Forest Park Elementary Guests5963 Reynolds High Guests16217
    Gibson Elementary Guests15362 Rural Hall Elementary Guests16218
    Glenn High Guests16184 Sedge Garden Elementary Guests16219
    Griffith Elementary Guests16185 Sherwood Forest Elementary Guests16220
    Hall-Woodward Elementary Guests16187 Smith Farm Elementary Guests16221
    Hanes Magnet Middle Guests16188 South Fork Elementary Guests16223
    Homebound/Hospital Guests16189 Southeast Middle Guests16222
    Ibraham Elementary Guests16190 Southwest Elementary Guests16224
    Jefferson Elementary Guests16191 Speas Global Magnet Elementary Guests16225
    Jefferson Middle Guests16192 Special Children's School Guests16226
    Kennedy School Guests5961 Union Cross Traditional Academy Guests16227
    Kernersville Elementary Guests16193 Vienna Elementary Guests16228
    Kernersville Middle Guests16194 Walkertown Elementary Guests16229
    Kimberley Park Elementary Guests15363 Walkertown High Guests16230
    Kimmel Farm Elementary Guests16195 Walkertown Middle Guests16231
    Kingswood School Guests16196 Ward Elementary Guests16232
    Konnoak Elementary Guests16197 West Forsyth High Guests16233
    Lewisville Elementary Guests16199 Whitaker Elementary Guests16234
    Lowrance Middle Guests16200 Wiley Elementary Guests15369
    Main Street Academy Guests16186 Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy Guests15370