• District Support Plan and Improvement Team

    Interim Superintendent (Deputy Superintendent) Tricia McManus; Area Superintendents: Donna Cannon, Dr. Jessie Pratt, Rusty Hall, Dr. Lionel Kato, and Dr. Karen Roseboro; Assistant Superintendent for Operations Darrell Walker; Chief Financial Officer Natalie Gillus; Chief Human Resources Officer Jevelyn Bonner-Reed; Chief Program Officers: Kevin Sherrill (Technology), Dr. Marty Ward (Research & Evaluation), Andy Kraft (Accountability), Brent Campbell (Marketing & Communications), General Counsel Dionne Jenkins.

    Collaborating team members include Chief Program Officer for Exceptional Children Mary Todd Allen, Executive Director of Federal Programs Dr. Kelly Hales, Director of School Administration Sam Mills and Director of Instructional Support Processes Deborah Hartman.

    The District Support and Improvement Team meets weekly and is committed to providing oversight and support to all schools; with additional focus on Low Performing Schools.  School Improvement Grant (SIG), Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), and a subset of Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) schools will also receive an additional layer of focus and support via the Inspire340 initiative.  Each school is provided training in conducting a comprehensive needs assessment, analyzing the resulting data, setting goals, selecting appropriate school improvement strategies, and developing action steps for implementation and monitoring.  The WS/FCS district uses the NCStar platform for school improvement planning purposes

    As part of the school improvement process and district support frameworks, Monitoring & Support Teams will conduct monitoring visits between two and five times per year based on a differentiated tiered process.  The Monitoring and Support Teams will consist primarily of personnel from the Instructional Services Division.  The Monitoring and Support Team Facilitators will regularly update the District Support Team and all visits are documented for review in a common electronic location.