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    East Forsyth High School has 1 of NAF academies, the Academy of Finance preparing our students for their futures.  We have been awarded Model Academy in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017.  Our Academy was awarded Distinguished in 2018 and 2019.  We are proud of this accomplishment.  Our Academies this year consist of the following:

    • 10th grade 51 current students
    • 11th grade 55 current students
    • 12th grade 40 current students

    Areas that make up our program are: 

    Curriculum and Instruction

    NAF curricula is created in partnership with industry proofessionals and is designed around projects that make connections across subject areas, acquire valuale workplace skills, and see their education as a step toward long-term career success.

    In the 10th grade our 9th graders 

    Our NAF courses are Principles of Accounting and Applied Finance taken in the 11th grade.  In each course the students are required to complete a culmanating project and reflection.  Students begin looking for internship in their junior year (120 hours paid).  We do try to help them in any way that we can. 

    In their senior year students are allow to take courses at Forsyth Technical College.  The courses are: International Business, Principles of Management Honors, Financial Planning, and Business Law Honors.    

    Work-Based learning

    NAF academy students participate in several work-based learning activities which prepares theem to make informed college and career choices and allow them to aquire necessary college and career-readiness skillsl.  The first phase of work-base  learning, career awareness, includes activities such as guest speakers, worksite tours, career fairs.  Students dive deeper through work-based learning's next phase: career exploration.  During this phase stuents partcipate in joh shadows, mock interviews, and informational interviews.  Students are then ready to start an internship during the third and final phase- career preparation. 

    Our students have taken field trip to Grass America in Kernersville NC,  a quality driven manufacturer of functional hardware and accessories.  Students were able to see first hand how raw materials are produced into into a finished good.  They also, learned about Human Resources, Accounting, Design, and testing of a product.  

    Students attened the Charlotte Hornets Career in Sports Day at the Spectrum Areana in Charlotte NC.  Students were able to hear about Careers that are offered within the Entertainment area.  Speakers on the panel talked about accounting, marketing, human resources and other careers that were available.  They were able to ask questions about the different careers.   

    A great place for the students (10th grade) to visit was Mrs. Hanes' Cookies in Clemmons NC.  To see how a humble beginning has sustained this business for many years.  Students were able to see how raw materials are used to create a more finished product.  Also how production and packaging is still being done by human hands instead of mass-production.

    Students also visit Truliant who is a sponsor of our program.  We have had toured the facilities and had speakers from different departments such as: legal, teller, security, IT, and many others.  It is a great opportunity for our students.

    Team building is very important to our program,  the 10th grade students participated in several activities with  Johnathan Berry (instructor) about team building and character education.

    We have impletemented several inteternships with companies in our surrounding area.  During the summer there is a internship breakfast that all companies that have given an intern is awarded a certificate of appreciation.



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