• WSFCS Policy 6161.3

    IV.  Guidelines for Selection and Use of Videos & DVDs.  The Board of Education has established standards for the selection and use of Videos and DVDs.  The charts below are intended to assist staff members with the implementation of the Policy.

    A.  Copyright Rules.  Videos should be used only in face to face instruction and should be documented in lesson plans complete with the SCOS objective noted.  Use of all videos should include related instructional activities such as guided discussion, essays, compare and contrast activities, or similar instructional exercises.  "Best practices" for utilizing videos normally includes only a small portion of a video that directly addresses the SCOS objective in that day's lesson.  It is rare that students need to watch a video for more than 45 minutes.

    B.  Fair Use Guidelines apply to videos, DVD's, music, and television broadcasts.  These are addressed in AR 6161.4.

    C.  Prior Approval by a school administrator is required for use of ALL Videos/DVDs not included in a school's media collection, listed in the curriculum guide or listed on the approved list of supplementary materials for a class or course.  The teacher must submit a written or email request for administrative approval for use of a video or DVD at the beginning of an instructional unit or at least three workdays before its use.  If the administrator does not respond to the request within two days, the teacher may assume that the use of the video has been approved.  A standard form has been created for this purpose.

    D.  All Videos and DVDs must supplement the NC Standard Course of Study and be selected in accordance with the standards set forth in P6161.3.


    G.  Special Procedures for Elementary School Use.


    Principal Permission  3 days in advance of each showing

    Parents Permission  Opt-out form required

    Alternative educational activities required





    PG: Excerpts


    Yes - Opt out form


    PG-13: Excerpts/Entire

    May not be shown

    R: Excerpts/Entire

    May not be shown


    Yes, if video contains PG rated content


    * unless on approved lists or contained in a school's media collection.

    Adopted:  October 1975

    Revised:  November 30, 2004

    Request for Administrative Approval Form

    Request for Parent Permission Form

Last Modified on February 8, 2018