• Walkertown Elementary School

    Parent/Family  Engagement Policy



    Walkertown Elementary School is committed to providing each student with the tools needed to be successful in life. We understand that our families, school staff and community work together to make this happen. This policy shows how we plan to accomplish this task.


    I. Annual Title I Public Meeting

    Walkertown Elementary School will host an annual public meeting for all parents and staff members. This meeting is to inform parents about their rights under the law and to provide them with the information that will allow them to be fully active in their child’s education. This meeting will be held at 6pm as part of our Annual Curriculum Night September 21.


    II. Flexible Meetings

    School staff will be available to assist parents and address questions and/or concerns at Open House, Curriculum Nights, Parent/Teacher Conferences, PTA Meetings, and any other school activities. The staff will also arrange to accommodate parent schedules to confer with them before/during/after school hours.


    III. Involving Parents in an Organized and Timely Way

    Student updates will be provided to parents three times during each quarter. Ongoing volunteer opportunities including classroom support, field trip chaperone, proctor, tutor, and office/media center assistant. Parents have the ability to follow their student’s progress on the Parental Portal allowing for monitoring of their student’s progress reports, report cards, performance (assessments) with the opportunity to use the information to intervene as needed.


    IV. Timely Information

    Parents will receive information on a regular basis through the Weekly Class and Administrative Newsletters, Wednesday folders, grade level curriculum nights, Parent Portal, quarterly report cards, Parent Handbook, Connect 5/Blackboard, Haiku and Class DoJo.


    V. Opportunities for Regular Meetings

    Parent Pow-Wow meetings will be held throughout the year, which gives parents a chance to be actively involved in their child’s education. There are quarterly PTA meetings, ability to utilize connect five, class and administrative newsletters, school website, flyers and newsletters are sent home in a timely manner in English and Spanish.


    VI. Providing for Parent Comments

    Parents will have the opportunity to comment at all meetings and be able to provide suggestions along with an annual survey of parent/school issues will be conducted.


    VII. School-Parent-Teacher Compact

    The school-parent-teacher compact is developed and/or reviewed at the annual meeting and reviewed at each parent meeting. Parents are asked for comments regarding the compact. The compacts are individualized for each grade K-5.


    VIII. Coordinating and Integrating Activities

    Our School Social Worker and Guidance Counselor both work to coordinate parent programs and activities with outside agencies such as Loves United Methodist Church, Morris Chapel, United Way, Food Lion, Baptist Toy Store. The Backpack Program collaborates with Loves United Methodist Church and Morris Chapel to provide 50 needy children with food bags for the weekend. Walkertown Elementary School also has parent/family programs/activities such as Monthly Character Spotlight and Awards events, Fall Arts Program in November and The Winter Arts/Science Program in December.


    IX. Ensuring Information is Understandable

    All parent information, including school-wide and classroom communication, are sent home in both English and Spanish. Interpreters are made available during Parent-Teacher Conferences, IEP Meetings and all other academic events at Walkertown Elementary School.


    X. Educating School Personnel

    Advising how to reach out to, communicate with and work with parents. We will continue to implement and coordinate parent programs which help to build ties between parents and the school to ultimately reduce/minimize any gap between parents and the school body with monthly staff meeting’s, monthly SIT meetings and weekly PLT meetings.

Last Modified on June 20, 2019