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    Simon G. Atkins Academic and Technology High School

    Letterman Hall of Fame





    The Atkins High School Letterman Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the tradition of excellence at Atkins High School, in its current building that opened in the fall of 2005. While we recognize the traditions that came before the current Atkins, this HOF is not intended to replace that of the old Atkins, but continue it from that point forward. The Letterman Hall of Fame seeks the recognition of former students and coaches for their contributions to the school and community. The nominees will provide role models for future students to emulate.


    The Selection Committee shall consist of 6-8 people as follows:

    1. The Principal
    2. The Athletic Director
    3. The Scholastic Director
    4. The Fine Arts Department Chair
    5. The JROTC Department Chair
    6. A Former PTA President
    7. A Former Principal (optional)


    The selection committee shall meet annually in the spring of each year to consider nominations into the Atkins High School Letterman Hall of Fame.



    Former students who are graduates of Simon G. Atkins Academic and Technology High School will be eligible for nomination four calendar years after graduation from Atkins High School (for example, any graduate on or before June 2014 will be eligible for nomination in 2018). Nominations may be made in each of the following areas:

    1. Athletic Teams
    2. Academic Teams
    3. Fine Arts Competition Teams
    4. JROTC Competition Teams

    Former coaches who coached at Atkins for at least four years and who made significant contributions or achievements in any of these areas are also eligible. If a coach is retired, he or she is immediately eligible. They are also eligible when the coach has left Atkins as an employee and been away for at least four years.



    Four nominees will be inducted each year, one from each of the four areas listed above. If there is no nominee in any area, additional nominees may be considered from other areas to bring the total to four.




    Academic Team #

    Alternative Fuels

    Chess Team *

    Cyber Patriots *

    Dance Ensemble *

    Economics Challenge *

    Environmental Debate #

    Envirothon *

    HOSA *

    Math Team

    National History Day *

    Poet Laureate #

    Poetry Out Loud *

    Quill Team *

    Quiz Bowl Team *

    Science Bowl *

    Science Olympiad *

    Technology Student Association *

    Twelve Team *



    Baseball *

    Basketball (Men) *

    Basketball (Women) *


    Cross Country (Men) *

    Cross Country (Women) *

    Football *

    Golf (Men) *

    Golf (Women) *

    Indoor Track (Men) *

    Indoor Track (Women) *

    Lacrosse (Men) *

    Lacrosse (Women) *

    Outdoor Track (Men) *

    Outdoor Track (Women) *

    Soccer (Men) *

    Soccer (Women) *

    Softball *

    Swimming (Men) *

    Swimming (Women) *

    Tennis (Men) *

    Tennis (Women) *

    Volleyball *

    Wrestling *



    Art Showcase Team *

    Concert Choir +

    Concert Orchestra +

    Marching Band +

    Show Choir *

    Wind Ensemble +


    JROTC Teams: ^

    Color Guard **

    Cyber Patriots (JROTC) *

    Drill Team **

    JLAB Academic Team ~

    JLAB Leadership Team ~

    Raider Team **

    Rifle Team **

    *Must be part of a state championship team or individual state champion to be nominated.

    + Must be selected to All State Band or Orchestra, or Honors Chorus

    # Must be a part of the County/District champion team

    ^ The following awards should be included in the nomination as evidence of the cadet’s distinction: Army ROTC Scholarship, Cadet of the Semester, Legion of Valor, Superior Cadet Award. These awards may also be used as a qualification criteria for selection. 

    ~ must have won district, qualified for national level (JROTC)

    ** Must have qualified for top three in district or Best of the Best (JROTC)


    Hall of Fame Minimum Requirements:


    Athletics: Must have been an individual state champion, or on a state championship team.


    Academics: Must have won an individual title, or be a member of a team who won a state title in a recognized, statewide competition open to all schools in the state. Examples include (but not limited to) NCASA competitions (the Quill, Twelve, Quiz Bowl, Art Showcase, Dance Ensemble, and A Cappella), NCASA partner competitions (such as Chess, Cyberpatriot, TSA, Science Olympiad, Economics Challenge, etc.), or any other competition that allows for the individual ranking of schools, teams, or individuals (Science Fair, Poetry Out Loud, and many others). The state championship title may be in an individual category or event as a part of a multi-part competition, such as an individual category of the Quill, a single event in Science Olympiad, or the top player in a player’s division (such as Chess). For competitions without a state final, the "terminal" level qualifies. Examples include:


    • Environmental Debate (county/district)
    • Academic Team (county)
    • Poet Laureate (county/district)


    Band/Music: Must be named to the All State Band, All State Orchestra, or Honors Chorus.

    JROTC: JROTC requirements still require the level of achievement with one of the listed teams; however, include individual achievements in the programs listed, some at the National level, should be considered as demonstration of distinction. Some competitions include “terminal” contests at the district level. See the codes for specifics.  

Last Modified on April 20, 2022