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    the state championship NCASA Art Showcase team from 2017-18


    Welcome to the Atkins Letterman Hall of Fame: Celebrating our Champions

    The Atkins High School Letterman Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the tradition of excellence at Atkins High School, in its current building that opened in the fall of 2005. While we recognize the traditions that came before the current Atkins, this HOF is not intended to replace that of the old Atkins, but continue it from that point forward. The Letterman Hall of Fame seeks the recognition of former students and coaches for their contributions to the school and community. The nominees will provide role models for future students to emulate.

    Please read the procedures below:

    1. Please read the requirements posted here on the site. 

    2. To make a nomination, see the form posted on the site. Nominations are due each year in the spring.

    3. The committee meets annually to review nominations. 

    4. Hall of Fame members are inducted at the annual Atkins Letterman Banquet.


Last Modified on April 18, 2023