• 2018 Summer Maintenance Project banner image

  • June 2018 - The summer of 2018 brought lots of work to campuses throughout the WS/FCS district. 

    WS/FCS Facilities and Construction teams worked to complete major Summer Projects funded by the 2016 Bonds at 6 schools, 11 schools have Summer Capital Projects all funded by 2/3rds Bonds, 7 schools have Summer Capital Maintenance Projects, and 4 schools have Technology Projects underway that are also part of the 2016 Bonds. 

    Watch the video to see the projects that happened this summer, or review the project lists below the video to see what happened around the district. 

    Here is a look at the projects completed in Summer 2018 

2018 Summer Bond Projects
2018 Summer Capital Projects (2/3rds Bond) - Incl Resurfacing var. Parking Lots throughout district
2018 Capital Projects Mobile Modular
2018 Summer Technology Projects