• Electronic Flyer Approval and Distribution Process

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  • Submissions for the 2023-2024 school year have Closed

    Start date for distribution: July 17, 2024 End date for requests: May 2, 2025
      End date for distribution: May 9, 2025


    In July 2018, WS/FCS stopped accepting requests for distribution of paper flyers. The district has transitioned to an electronic form of distribution.

    WS/FCS is partnering with Peachjar, an electronic distribution program.  Flyers from community organizations will be distributed through a weekly email and posted on school websites and on the district mobile app.  This is yet another way WS/FCS is working to be more environmentally-friendly and drastically reduce the amount of paper copies distributed to students and staff. 

    This process will allow schools and approved community organizations to send information to students and teachers that helps communicate community events and opportunities that enhance the student experience.  As always, generally speaking, non-profit organizations have more leeway to send information home with students and staff.  For-profit organizations and some services, such as after-school care, tutoring and summer camps, are generally limited to displaying items in common areas of schools.  A summary of what is allowed is below: the complete policy is available here.

    Approved community partners, as outlined by our policy, will be allowed to post eflyers online and distribute them electronically through our service provider, Peachjar. As part of our efforts to make the best use of today's technology, be more environmentally friendly, and reduce non-instructional work on our school staff, we have transitioned to electronic flyer delivery.

    To request flyer approval, follow the steps on the Community Partner page. 

    Parents can go to the Parent Information Page to learn more about how the program saves time and allows for more effective communication on the go! 

    Approved Flyers can be distributed through several different forms.

    • Flyers will be sent via email
    • Flyers will be linked to the individual school(s) webpage. 
    • Flyers can also be viewed on the WS/FCS District Mobile app.

    Peachjar Information Links

    • Information for Program Providers (Community Partners)
    • FAQ's for Parents and Program Providers (Community Partners)


    Peachjar logo button to access Community Partners Page
    Community Partner Information
    Peachjar logo to access the Parent Information Page
    Parent Information

Informational Videos for Parents & Community Partners

Benefits of Electronic Flyers

    • Will ensure parents receive important school and community information in multiple, environmentally friendly ways
    • Will reduce school administrative burden and allow access to Peachjar’s digital flyer template library!
    • Allows communication with parents within today's preferred electronic mediums 
    • Allows community partners to track parental engagement and communication effectiveness


  • For Flyer Approval and WS/FCS Policy Questions:

    Brent Campbell 

    WS/FCS Chief Communications Officer

    Email: bcampbell@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Phone: 336.727.2696


    For Pricing, Billing, Peachjar Usage, and Other Posting Questions:

    Zach Iverson

    Account Executive

    Email: zachiverson@peachjar.com

    Phone: (858) 997-2117 x 135