All-District Band Auditions and Requirements  


    These auditions are January 11th at Central Davidson Middle School in Lexington, NC.  The All-District Clinic will be February 13th through 15th at Appalachian State University. 

    Students who are interested in auditioning for membership in the All-District Band need to contact Mr. Joiner and fullfill the following requirements. 

    Auditionees must...

    • Be able to attend the concert and all of the rehearsals of the Middle School All-District Band Clinic.
    • Be willing to put in the effort and time necessary to achieve an acceptable level of competency with all of the audition requirements
    • Stay after school or come before school to receive lessons from Mr. Joiner
    • Pay the $8.00 audition fee (cash or a check made payable to Jefferson Middle School)
    • Have Mr. Joiner's final approval that the student is performing the audition requirements at an acceptable level of proficiency to be able to go and represent our school at the all-district band auditions
    • Have their parents fill out, sign and return the all-district auditions contract and permission form

    All-District Requirements

    Six Major Scales

    1.    Concert Bb Major

    2.    Concert F Major

    3.    Concert Eb Major

    4.    Concert Ab Major

    5.    Concert C Major

    6.    Concert G Major

    To print extra copies of the scales click here: 




    Click on your instrument under Middle School Scales.

    Chromatic Scale

    • The expected range is listed below the Major Scales on the above scale sheets.


    Snare Drum
    Four Rudiments

    • Paradiddles (slow-fast-slow)
    • Flams (slow-fast-slow)
    • Double Stroke Roll (slow-fast-slow)
    • Orchestral/Buzz Roll (soft-loud-soft)
    • Roll (soft-loud-soft)
    • Tuning 3rds, 4ths and 5ths


    • Use your band book to sightread new music.  Use the CDs to listen to the lines AFTER you try it to see what mistakes you made.  You may also use the iPAS computer program to see how well you can test the sightreading lines.


    • Ask Mr. Joiner for your solo.  The section of the music you should play will be marked on the music.