• Debate

    Environmental Debate Team at Atkins HS

    Do you love to engage in heated discussions?  Are you interested in practicing public speaking?  Do you like to get to know environmental topics in depth through research?  Then you should try Environmental Debate!  Learn the basics of public forum debate and participate in the Environmental Debate Tournament sponsored by Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) and Wake Forest Debate.  Past debate topics include: Is conventional or organic farming better?  Should waste water be used for drinking water?  Should we eat meat?  Environmental debaters meet on Fridays after school after the topic is released in November until the tournament in March.  The final debate takes place at the PEA Earth Day Fair in April.  Go to https://www.peanc.org/environmental-debate for more information.  Stop by and see Dr. Palmer in Room 502 with questions and if you are interested in participating.

    Last year, Atkins had the top two debate teams in the first round, but were beaten by the Early College at the finals.