Kennedy’s middle school academy is designed to help students who need targeted interventions to achieve academic growth goals. Personalized instruction is designed to improve skills through a combination of small classes with an emphasis on literacy and math throughout the day. Students must commit to positive attendance, behavior, and work expectations in order to maintain their status in this selective program that serves approximately 100 students. Middle school students attend school for an extra 45 minutes each day in order to provide additional instructional opportunities.

    Students who attend JFK’s middle school academy may also be considered for our LEAP Program. LEAP (Learning Enrichment Acceleration Program) is for students who have been retained in a previous grade and are over-age for their current grade. Sixth graders who successfully complete the academic program and pass the requisite tests will “LEAP” from 6 th to 8 th grade. Successful 7 th graders will “LEAP” to 9 th grade. Successful 8 th graders will take 9 th grade credits with them as they enter high school. Students are taught an interdisciplinary curriculum in small class settings. Teachers provide a variety of strategies to accelerate the curriculum or provide the appropriate remediation for each student.

Last Modified on October 17, 2019