• Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is announcing the launch of three targeted design teams to examine how the district prov

    Innovate, Monitor, Accelerate, Grow, Instruct, Nurture, Excite

  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools has launched three targeted design teams to examine how the district provides support and holds schools accountable for imperative initiatives. The design teams will make recommendations for changes to processes, personnel, and organizational structure to enhance student opportunities for success. Some of the recommendations will be for immediate implementation, while others may have more long-term implications. Each design team has a unique focus expected to result in targeted, differentiated support for all schools:

    • Monitoring, Support, and Accountability: Develop a new system for monitoring schools’ implementation of imperative initiatives

    • Instruction and Innovation: Develop a new Central Office organizational structure encompassing Instructional Services and Instructional Technology

    • Equity, Access, and Acceleration: Develop an improved structure for increased access and acceleration opportunities for all students with a focus on underperforming subgroups

    Design Teams will include central office staff, principals, teachers, other school-based personnel, and community members. They will have 60 days to complete their recommendations, which will be shared publically in early November.