Substance Abuse Violation Form

  • When a student violates Policy 5131.6 /AR 5131.6 the school is required to complete the Substance Abuse Violation Form. 

    A copy of the completed form is to be given to the parent/guardian and a copy is to be sent to the SADFS office (Administrative Assistant for Student Services Monica Reaves).

    If you have any questions regarding this form or a drug violation please give the SADFS office a call (336) 703-6730.




  • Click on the link provided below to access the Substance Abuse Violation Form


    Click here to download Substance Abuse Violation Form


    Instructions for Student Services Portal 

     -Sign in using your WSFCS credentials 

    -On the menu to the left click Files and Documents

    -Scroll down and click Safe and Drug-Free Schools 

    -Click on folder named Substance Abuse Violation Form