• Introducing North Forsyths new CTE program in Animal Health




    Could your dream career be working with animals?




    Possible Classes


    Animal Science I is a course that introduces you to animal physiology, breeding, nutrition, animal science issues animal care, and career opportunities.

    Animal Science II – Small Animal is the second course in the sequence and provides instruction on the breeding, grooming, care and marketing of small animals that are served by a veterinarian.

    Veterinary Assisting is the final course in the sequence and is designed for students desiring a career in animal medicine. Topics include proper veterinary practice management and client relations, pharmacy and laboratory procedure, advanced animal care, and surgical/radiological procedures. Students in this course will gain clinical experience working in an internship program in animal medicine under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian or certified veterinary technician

    Students who complete the course requirements will have the opportunity to take the Veterinary Assisting Exam to be a Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) Level 1.


    See a guidence councelor for details for enrolling