• Majors


    Students will choose four courses from a specific course sequence below to complete an area or major.  Students may choose to take additional courses from another area or may choose traditional high school electives.  Students are expected to take at least one STEM elective from the list below per year through their junior year.  Seniors are also expected to take one STEM elective unless they have completed a major.  Students may change majors after freshman year but are expected to complete their four-course sequence in their new major by the end of senior year.   Electronics
    Course requirements and prerequisites/co-requisites are listed under each major. All students at Atkins take one class in a major each year until a series of four courses is completed.Students transferring to Atkins at the start of the tenth grade are expected to take two courses in their major during the tenth grade and then one each year for the remaining two years.  Students who transfer to Atkins at the start of the eleventh grade must take two STEM electives in their major during the eleventh grade and the final two courses during the senior year -- no exceptions.
    Atkins majors are listed below with links to further details:
    Digital Design and Animation (formerly Scientific Visualization)