• Business 40

Business 40 Closing Information

  • Fall 2018 - On November 17, 2018, at 6 A.M., the 1.2 mile section of U.S. 421/Interstate 40 Business (Business 40) between Peters Creek Parkway and U.S. 52 through the heart of downtown Winston-Salem will close for construction.  NCDOT estimates it will not reopen until 2020.  Opened in 1958, the section of North Carolina's first section of designated interstate highway now has outdated design and safety features. The $99.2 million project will include:

    • Replacing the existing roadway pavement
    • Modernizing entrance and exit ramps
    • Replacing nine vehicular bridges and two pedestrian bridges
    • Lengthening the acceleration and deceleration lanes between ramps
    • Widening existing roadway shoulders and adding new shoulders
    • Building portions of a multi-use path from Lockland Avenue to Liberty Street
    • Increasing the speed limit to 55 mph
    • Renaming all of US 421/Business 40 to "Salem Parkway"

    Because Business 40 is a lifeline for commuters from all areas of the county and is a connector for students coming from different high schools to the WS/FCS Career Center, we want staff, parents, and students prepared to navigate while the road is closed. Some important notes for you to remember: 


    • Plan detours and alternative routes now with your family and your business
    • Add an extra 25 minutes to your trip both ways
    • Look at alternatives such as carpooling, park and rides, WSTA and PART
    • WS/FCS has already implemented alternative bus routes, but the timeliness of buses will still be impacted by detoured traffic
    • WS/FCS will be involved with the City/County Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) for the first three (3) days of the closure
    • WS/FCS will continue to cooperate with all partners throughout this project


    For a list of NCDOT and WS/FCS suggested alternative routes to and from WS/FC high schools to and from the Career Center, please use this link. 

    For a construction timeline from NCDOT use this link

    For a list of basic detours around the construction please look at this information from the NCDOT.