• Mount Tabor High School Student Attendance Procedure 2019-2020

    The primary responsibility of school attendance lies with parents/ guardians and students.  It is the cooperative effort of school officials, parents, guardians, and students that has the greatest effect on fostering regular and continuous school attendance.  We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with our parents and students as they work through their high school years towards graduation and beyond.     

    Students with good attendance generally achieve higher levels of learning than those with poor attendance.  Even though students may make up class work missed because of absences, they may never be able to replace the educational, cultural and social contacts which they would have experienced through face-to-face instruction and class participation. The Mount Tabor High School community recognizes, however, that students will miss school because of illnesses and other excused reasons.  Students/parents should follow defined procedures by bringing their excused notes for absences in writing to the main office/attendance clerk.  Students are required to collaborate with their teachers on making up missed assignments after returning to school from an absence.

    In order for the absence to be coded as excused, students who miss school should bring a note upon their return to school from a parent/guardian or a physician.  If there is need for a prearranged absence, the parent/guardian must obtain approval from the principal in order for the absence to be excused.  School Board policy AR 5110 defines reasons for excused absences.  In addition, School Board Policy AR 5124 explains the criteria for exam exemptions.

    Students who accumulate 6 or more unexcused absences in a one-unit course, or 3 or more unexcused absences in a half-unit course, during a grading period are in jeopardy of being assigned an administrative F for that course.  Please note that a grading period is defined as the following.

    • For block courses that meet every day, grading period = quarter.
    • For yearlong courses that meet every other day, grading period = semester.
    • For half-unit courses, grading period = quarter


    • Once a student accrues 6 or more unexcused absences in a one-unit course, or 3 or more unexcused absences in a half-unit course, during a grading period, he/she will be assigned an administrative F unless:
    • He/She makes up time for each unexcused absence beyond 5 (2 in a half-unit course) days. 60 minutes of make-up time is required to make up an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate the make-up time with his/her teacher during times when the teacher is available.   Make-up time must be completed before the end of the grading period.


    • If a student is assigned an administrative F, the student, along with parents/guardians, may appeal this decision in writing to the attendance committee. The student, along with the student's parents or guardians may appeal the decision of the Principal to the Superintendent and the Board in accordance with the WS/FCS Board Policy 5145, Parent and Student Grievance Policy.

    Mount Tabor School Student Attendance Procedure Responsibility


    Student Expectations

    • Come to school and follow attendance procedures.
    • Make up all missed work in accordance to the teacher’s expectations.
    • Follow WSFCS defined procedures regarding attendance.
    • Coordinate make-up time with the teacher/administration, etc.…

    Teacher Expectations

    • Maintain accurate attendance records for all students.
    • Provide make-up work to any student who is absent, regardless if the absence is excused or unexcused.
    • Schedule make-up times for missed assessments.
    • Contact parents/guardians on unexcused absence #3, #5(attendance make up notification).
    • Contact students school counselor #5, (#2, #3, and #4 for half-unit courses)
    • Coordinates make up time with student for absence #6, #7.
    • Communicate with principal via email #7 (then disseminated to AP’s)
    • Contact social worker #9
    • Contact student’s counselor on unexcused absence #5 (#3 for ½ unit course)
    • Confirmed parent contact and complete the waiver form/contact log for any student when a student accumulates their 6th absence and beyond.
    • If an administrative “F” is given, please submit a copy of the Attendance Communication Document to the students assigned Assistant Principal (End of Each Grading Period)

    Potential Make-up Time Opportunities

    • Established teacher tutoring hours.
    • Assigned time outside of teacher tutoring hours such as but not limited to: Afterschool Credit Recovery, Homework/Tutoring Academy.
    • Saturday School, Teacher should inform administration prior to student attending.
    • Any other make up opportunities approved by administration.