• Student Government


    Student Government representatives have been elected by their peers and are expected to come to every meeting, be on time, and stay through the end.  However, sometimes there are extenuating circumstance that make that difficult or impossible.  The following attendance/tardy policy was adopted in May 2016 and is in effect until otherwise noted.

    • Tardies
      • 3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence
    • Absences
      • Unexcused 3
        • Upon the fourth unexcused absence, the representative is replaced by the next in line (for example vice-president replaces president)
      • Excused
        • Religious observances
        • Death in family, illness, or documented dr's appointment
          • Every effort should be made to schedule doctors' appointments at a non-conflicting time
        • Academic and sports competitions that are held at the same time or require travel during the same time as the meeting
      • All other absences must be voted on by all four executive members to approve an excused absence.