• Student Government

    Potential Candidates:


    Thank you for your interest in Student Government. We are so glad that you want to be a part of an active and influential organization at Atkins! Student Government takes a great deal of time, energy, and dedication! If you have made the decision to run for an elected position, that means that you are willing to make commitments in and out of the school day to the betterment of Atkins. Students must have a good academic and disciplinary standing. Although the following information below might seem lengthy, it is essential that any student who wishes to be a part of Student Government understand the following when running and holding an elected office.  


    Candidates must understand that: 

    • Your campaigning cannot disrupt class or class attendance (being late to class because you were campaigning is NOT excused) 
    • Signs need to be approved by the advisor. 
    • You can hang posters on bulletin boards only.  This includes the announcement boards on the main hallway, at the base of the “Up” stairs, and beside Room 520.  
    • HOWEVER, you must make sure that your signs are secure.  If signs fall down in the middle of the night and set off the motion alarm, then an administrator has to come and disable it.  
    • You may send videos, pictures, written text, etc...to Mr. Plaster, and he will place it on our web site. 
    • Atkins administration, faculty, and staff cannot promote any candidate, so please don't ask. 
    • Candidates must run solo campaigns (For example:  "Sue for President!" Not "Sue for Pres and Bob for VP--we are your ticket to success!") 
    • You must be above reproach and avoid the appearance of impropriety 
    • In other words, be honest, kind, and ethical.  Don't tear someone else's sign down or place yours on top of another's. Don't talk trash about someone in an effort to soil their reputation. 
    • You are welcome to use social media to campaign as long as you make sure your ads are pleasant and appropriate.  We are never condescending to other candidates.  We keep it positive. 
    • As leaders in our school, your behavior sets the example and we want to exemplify honor and professionalism in all we do. This includes off campus and on social media. 
    • Follow all class, school, and district rules--infractions will result in disqualification. 


    Often times candidates have many questions about running for office that while are more than welcomed can most of the time be answered easily be referring to the frequently asked questions or FAQs below. 


    What are the positions I can run for? 

    Class representatives will run to represent their grade level.  Students will be asked to vote for their top 3 choices to represent their grade.  Once voting has concluded, the top 5 candidates who receive the most votes per grade level will be considered the Class Representatives.  The top candidate will be named President, second place will be Vice President, third place will be Secretary and the other 2 candidates will be Representatives (per grade level).  All 5 officers, per grade level, will have voting privileges in SGA.  

    Below are the requirements to run for Student Body Officers:

    • Student Body President (must be a rising senior)
    • Student Body Vice President (must be a rising junior or senior)
    • Student Body Secretary (must be a rising junior or senior)


    Do I need to select which office I want to run for before I put my application in? 


    I have a lot of other important things, is it okay if I only come to some of the meetings? 

    Student Government is a time and energy commitment.  If you are not able to make the required meetings you should seriously reconsider running.  We can always find meaningful ways for you to be involved without holding an office. 

    Do I have to make a speech in front of people? 

    No.  You will create a video and a document with your platform ideas, or images to share with your peers.   See the advisor for details.  However, being able to speak in front of groups is a skill you should work on developing.  Participation in Student Government will help give you the confidence you need to strengthen those skills. 

    What positions haven't people applied for yet? 

    We anticipate getting applications for each office.  You should apply for the position that would best fit your skills and qualifications.  

    I want to make some campaign posters but I don't have paper and markers. 

    See the advisor to arrange a time for you to make some posters. 

    I've never campaigned before; I don't know what to do. 

    A great place to campaign is before, after school, and during lunch in the cafeteria.  Ask people for their vote; introduce yourself.  You would be surprised how many people will give you their vote if you ask and explain why being elected is important to you. 

    Can I campaign during class? 


    What if I lose? 

    Although you might not win an elected officer position, you can still be appointed as a cabinet member. Student Government always welcomes students with a can-do attitude and great ideas. While cabinet members are not allowed to vote on items brought up during meetings, they are welcomed to attend meetings and are a helping hand at events such as the Homecoming and Winter Dances. You might not be an elected official, but we never turn willing students away. 

Last Modified on April 24, 2022