• Student Government

    Campaign Rules


    • Your campaigning cannot disrupt class or class attendance (being late to class because you were campaigning is NOT excused)
    • Signs need to be approved by Mr. Childers.
      • You can hang posters on bulletin boards only.  HOWEVER, you must make sure that your signs are secure.  If signs fall down in the middle of the night and set off the motion alarm, then an administrator has to come and disable it.  That makes for irritated administrators (and rightly so).  Make sure your flyers and posters are windproof!  It is important for Student Government to have an excellent relationship with our administrative team so we want to abide by all of their rules and make their lives easier, not more difficult.
    • You may send videos, pictures, written text, etc...to Mr. Childers, and he will place it on our web site.
    • Atkins administration, faculty, and staff cannot promote any candidate, so please don't ask.
    • Candidates must run solo campaigns (For example:  "Sue for President!" Not "Sue for Pres and Bob for VP--we are your ticket to success!")
    • You must be above reproach and avoid the appearance of impropriety
      • In other words, be honest, kind, and ethical.  Don't tear someone else's sign down or place yours on top of another's.  Don't talk trash about someone in an effort to soil their reputation.
      • As leaders in our school, your behavior sets the example and we want to exemplify honor and professionalism in all we do.  This includes off campus and on social media.
      • Follow all class, school, and district rules--infractions will result in disqualification.