• 2019 Scholastic Art Awards -- Eastern/Central North Carolina Art Region

    GOLD Key awards
    Teacher: Phil Benenati
                Piper Muller, Golden Dysphoria
                Sarah Ownby, Small Things

    Teacher: Kenneth Mulwee
                Lydia Spears, Pet Portrait

    SILVER Key awards
    Teacher: Kenneth Mulwee
                Richard Dull, High Contrast Portrait
                Jack Kehoe, Low Relief Still Life

    Teacher: Ashley Hurst
                Daniel Irwin, Self-Portrait with Round Marks

    Teachers: Betti P. Longinotti and Emily Beach
                Jefri Mars Samodal, White Teapot

    Teacher: Kenneth Mulwee
                Lydia Spears, Reflection, Transparent, Symbolic
                Lydia Spears, Scratch Board

    Teacher: Phil Benenati
                Jamore Brown, The Intruder
                Josh Corbin-Tomlinson, Grief
                Attelia Blackard, Secrets at Sea
                Monica Florido, Withering Beauty
                Monica Florido, Stories and Memories
                Haley Moore, Hanging On by A Thread
                Joseph Davila, Karla
                Vance Stroupe, Road to Glory

Last Modified on January 18, 2019