• Student Government

    Adopted on March 2, 2020

    Article I: Name
    The name of this organization shall be the Simon G. Atkins Student Government (AHSSG).

    Article II: Purpose
    - The purpose of this organization shall be to serve as an official medium through which students’ ideas and opinions may be presented for faculty and administrative actions to serve as a governing body (with faculty supervision) for the development, promotion, and administration of student affairs.

    - To give organized student support to educational, recreational, social, and charitable activities initiated and sponsored by the school, and thus form a closer relationship between the students, faculty, and administration.

    - This organization shall also serve to further and improve student participation in school
    activities and promote school spirit and morale. 

    - The AHSSG shall act as the ultimate representative of the views of the student population by instituting and pursuing policies of interest to the student body.

    Article III: Membership
    - The Student Government shall consist of an Executive Council, including a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Editor. There shall be a class Secretary, Vice-President, and President to represent their perspective class 9-12. AHSSG will not discriminate on the basis of age, color, gender, disability status, national origin, political persuasion, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

    Article IV: Elections
    - All elections shall be supervised by the Executive Council. The new Student Government Association will be installed after the election of the freshman officers. Members of the Executive Council (President, Vice-President, Secretary, & Editor).These officers will be elected on a student body basis. One suspension will result in automatic loss of office for officers on any level. Elections will be held in the spring of the school year previous to the year in which the elected officials will serve, except for incoming freshman, who will elect their officers in September, at the beginning of the school year. 

    - Students shall cast their secret ballots following the procedure indicated by the Executive Council and approved Student Government. In these elections, the candidate who receives the greatest percent of the vote shall be elected. If there is a tie, all candidates with the tying percentage shall participate in a run-off election. The candidate with the highest percentage in the run-off election shall be the elected officer. In case of resignation, or removal of a Student Government Officer, the Vice-President shall replace the President, followed in the line of succession by the Secretary, & then Editor. All other office vacancies will be filled by the Executive Council, subject to a two-thirds vote of approval by the Student Government.

    Article V: Duties
    - The duties and responsibilities for the following offices include:

    - President: The President shall serve as primary spokesperson for and representative of the Association as well as the student body; to act on behalf of the student body; bear primary responsibility for the execution of all Association directives, chair and conduct all meetings of Student Government; maintain relationships with the faculty, and administration,;
    have the power to call emergency meetings, and have the power to delegate authority and appoint committees as the need arises.

    - Vice-President: The Vice-President will fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence;
    assist the president in the fulfillment of the duties of President; shall be responsible for
    communication between the student body and Student Government.

    - Secretary: The Secretary shall be the primary administrator of AHSSG, keep records of
    all actions were taken by the Student Government; maintain and promulgate minutes and update the calendar, as well as maintain a record of attendance for all meetings. They shall maintain electronic mailing lists, compile agendas and distribute and keep a copy of the Bylaws throughout the
    academic year. The secretary shall also address all student correspondence.

    - Editor: The Editor shall serve as the advisor to the President regarding Student Government communication as well as manage media publications.

    Article VI: Meetings

    The Student Government shall meet as a full body every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month throughout the academic year. The Executive Council and all 9th 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade officers shall comprise in the SG homeroom. This will enable orders of business to be addressed at the earliest possible time. All meetings are open to attendance by interested parties with previous approval. Spectators must be acknowledged by the President in order to address the Student Government.

    Article VII: Committees
    There shall be five permanent committees. A member of the Executive Council shall chair each committee:

    - Executive Council: The Executive Council shall be chaired by the President of the Executive Council and consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Editor
    elected school-wide. The Executive Council will be responsible for interpreting the bylaws when questions arise.

    - President’s Committee: The President’s Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Council’s President and consist of all grade-level Presidents. The committee will be responsible for the daily operations of the Student Government and all actions taken by the Student Government. 

    - Finance Committee: The Finance Committee will be chaired by the Executive Council’s
    consist of the Advisor, President, and Secretary of the Executive Council. This committee will make recommendations to the Student Government regarding financial issues such as fundraisers, expenditures, etc. This committee is responsible for the overall financial well being of the Student Government.

    - Public Relations Committee: The Public Relations Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Council’s Secretary and consist of the President of the Executive Council and all grade-level Secretaries, and Executive Editor. The committee will be responsible for notifying the student body and community about upcoming events. This committee will also make recommendations on projects sponsored by the SG.

    - Special Events: The Special Events Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Council’s Vice-President and consist of the President of the Executive Council and all grade-level Vice- Presidents. The committee will be responsible for working with school administration and the Student Government in organizing events. The committee may be divided into subcommittees as necessary.

    - Student Issues: The Student Issues Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Council’s President and will consist of the Vice-President of the Executive Council and all grade-level
    President’s. The committee will be responsible for identifying and recommending the suggestions for addressing social and political issues that directly affect the student body.

    - Temporary committees may be created to address issues, solve problems, and make recommendations to the Association. The President of the Executive Council will determine
    membership and chairmanship of these committees.

    Article VIII: Attendance
    As elected officials to the Student Government, it is paramount that AHSSG have as many members present at each meeting as possible. However, it is understood that circumstances out of members’ control do warrant an occasional absence that shall be dealt with in the following manner. The only valid excuses are as followed religious observances, death in family, illness, or documented doctor’s appointment. All other excused absences and tardies are to be up to the discretion of student body officers. However, every effort should be made to schedule a doctor’s appointment at a non-conflicting time, academic and sports competitions that are held at the same time or require travel during the same time as the meeting shall be excused as well. If an elected member knows that he or she shall be absent at a majority of the meetings in a semester, it is recommended that he or she resign his or her post or not seek the office. 

    If a member is going to be absent at any meetings, he or she shall send a replacement/substitute to the meeting. If one meeting is missed without legitimate excuse within a semester,
    the member shall be warned by the sponsor. If an additional three unexcused meetings are missed, the member shall be removed from the council without further warning.

    Article IX: Amendments
    The bylaws may be amended if the amendment is passed by a three-fourths vote in favor.

    Article X: Advisors
    Each meeting of  AHSSG shall be supervised by the advisor to the Student Government or another adult instituted by the advisor due to extenuating purposes.

    Article XI: Vetoes
    The advisor and high school principal shall have the power to veto any amendment or any bill or recommendation passed by the Association. In this event, the vetoing party must
    submit the reasons in writing to the Executive Council President.

    Article XII: Voting
    In order to pass an issue through student government, it must be voted upon, and a majority of the voting members must be in favor of it. In order for a vote to occur, it must be called either by the President or by a motion by voting members of the Association.

    Article XIII: Terms
    The term of office for all members and officers shall be one school year.