• High School Exam Information


    1. A final semester/term exam will be given in all non-EOC courses in mathematics, English, science, social studies and foreign language for grades 9-12 in all high schools. There shall be an end-of-course assessment in each elective course as determined by the appropriate department in each school.
    2. Exams/assessment will count twenty percent (20%) of the final semester grade.
    3. Where state end-of-course tests or North Carolina Final Exams are available, they shall be the final examination. EOC tests or the NC Final Exams will be the final exam and the test results shall count as twenty percent (20%) of the student’s final grade.  There are no exemptions from state end-of-course tests, the NC Final Exams, or CTE post assessments.
    4. Exam exemptions. In non-state end-of-course exam classes only, students may be exempted from the final exam in a one-unit of credit semester block course, a two-unit of credit yearlong block course, or a one-unit year long course with a grade of "A" and no more than five (5) absences during the school year, a grade of "B" and no more than three (3) absences during the school year, or a grade of "C" and zero (0) absences during the school year. Students may be exempted from the final exam in half-unit semester courses with a grade of "A" and no more than two (2) absences during the semester, a grade of "B" and no more than one (1) absence during the semester, or a grade of "C" and zero (0) absences during the semester
    5. All students shall be permitted and encouraged to take examinations, even if they are eligible for examination exemptions. If a student qualifies for an exemption, the student shall have the option of taking the examination and counting or not counting the examination grade in the final course average.
    6. Unless a student meets the exam exemption criteria, he or she must take the exam in order to get credit for the course.
    7. Students will be allowed up to three (3) absences due to a death in the immediate family, a religious holiday, a college scholarship interview, or college visit(s). These absences will not be considered in determining eligibility for examination exemption. Students must provide documentation of college scholarship interview and/or college visit(s) in order for this provision to apply to such absences.

    8. With administrative approval, missed exams should be made up within ten (10) school days after the end of the reporting period.



    ****Updated Exam Exemptions****

    • 3 excused absences for college visits (w/ documentation) per academic year