• I attended F.A.C.E for two years. This program helped me to complete my senior year. I encourage students to do this program. It is very helpful and the staff is AMAZING! The environment in the F.A.C.E Program was very much more for my standards. I love the F.A.C.E Program and I recommend it to everyone.

    Love Madison Tilley- 2/28/19


  • It wasn't hard to get done-just took dedication. FACE helped me a lot because now I get to graduate on time!

    Johnathan Navas Mayo- 3/25/19

  • F.A.C.E is a very helpful program if you failed to complete courses. I am so thankful F.A.C.E was able to help me pass all of my courses to graduate. Thanks you to all of the staff!

    Wendy Martinez- 3/26/19

  • F.A.C.E has helped me tremendously! The encouragement from Mrs. Belo, Mrs. Hill and the teachers kept me motivated. They pushed me when I didn't think I could push myself! Without these beautiful people, I wouldn't be graduating!

    Love Kesi Hairston- 3/26/19

  • F.A.C.E is a good program.This program is in a really nice and clean building too. Everybody is friendly, especially Mrs. Belo! 

    Hoangduy Nguyen-3/26/19

  • F.A.C.E is a blessing.

    Angel Arrellano-Bruno- 4/1/19

  • F.A.C.E was actually an experience I enjoyed. It helped me to catch up and not fail, because failure isn't an option at F.A.C.E. If I wouldn't have come here, I wouldn't have been able to get all of my classes done. 

    Austin Walsh- 4/9/19

  • F.A.C.E has been a good ride. Thanks fto all of the administrators for their help! It's greatly appreciated-MUCH LOVE!

    Sadiq Goni- 4/30/19

  • F.A.C.E really helped me to be able to GRADUATE!

    Malasia Randall- 5/6/19

  • I would recommend F.A.C.E to kids in school that have a hard time staying focused. The teachers here help you out. You feel welcomed and it's not a weird setting. 

    Adam Bourgeios-5/13/19

  • If it wasn't for FACE I would not have been able to graduate on time. I'm glad I was able to do it.

    Kayla Davis- 5/23/19

  • It's been three long years and I am so glad I finally made it! Thanks to the FACE program and the teachers. I really appreciate this program.

    Jeyza Vasquez-6/5/19

  • This program really helped me to graduate and get my diploma! It's a really good program. The teachers are very nice and helpful. 

    Maritza Iturbide-6/10/19

  • Without  F.A.C.E. I would have  been  out in the street or in jail. I would have been another statistic. F.A.C.E. gave me the option to complete my education. Thank you for reviving my life!

    Torin Maxwell- 6/18/19