Vaping: What you need to know

  • Overview of the Vaping Epidemic

    The number of youth that use vaping products (such as e-cigarettes, mods, vaping pens and Juuls) has continued to rapidly increase. Use of vaping devices is not limited to middle and high school student. There have been incidents of elementary children found using vaping devices on school premises.

    Contrary to the advertisements targeted to youth that vaping is safe alternative to smoking there are serious health risk for students who use vaping products:

    •  Risk of addiction - nicotine has higher levels than traditional cigarettes
    •  Risk of overdose - vaping devises can contain other substances such as liquid THC (the active substance in marijuana), synthetic cannabinoids, and other illegal substances. These chemicals possibly result in convulsions, heart problems, or even a psychotic break.
    •  Damage to Lungs - aerosols from vaping products contain harmful chemicals which includes EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping product use-Associated Lung Injury).
    •  Risk of susceptibility to COVID-19 due to lower immune system and vulnerability of lungs.


    Signs a Student Maybe Vaping

    • Unexplained sweet scent (from the flavored e-liquid/e-juice)
    • Vaping Devices can look like Pens and USB drives
    • Skipping caffeinated drinks
    • Increased thirst/Dark circles under eyes (dehydration triggered by Propylene Glycol)
    • Changes in Taste 
    • Nosebleeds (nose dried out from Propylene Glycol)
    • Bloody sores in Mouth/Smoker’s Cough (decreased immune system)
    • Discarded components of vaping products:
      • Unfamiliar batteries and chargers
      • Organic cotton balls and/or metallic wires
      • Atomizers (turns e-liquid into vapor)
      • Juul Pods
  • What are Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes):

    handheld devices that produce an aerosol from a solution typically containing nicotine, flavoring chemicals, and other additives for inhalation through a mouthpiece by the user (alternative names include “e-cigs,” electronic cigars [or “e-cigars”], electronic nicotine delivery systems, electronic hookah [or “e-hookah”], hookah sticks, personal vaporizers, mechanical mods, vape pens, pod systems, and vaping devices);

    What to look for: