• Every Tray Counts

    The Speas Global Elementary Cafeteria serves over 500 school lunches every day on polystyrene trays. Speas is partnering with Piedmont Environmental Alliance, Gallins Family Farm and Every Tray Counts to switch from polystyrene trays to compostable ones, and to divert the trays, food waste and other compostable items from the landfill! Will you join the Speas Every Tray Counts Committee? Would you be willing to donate time or money to make our cafeteria more sustainable? Please email mccrory.jessica@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more!

    La cafetería de Speas Global Elementary sirve más de 500 almuerzos cada día en bandejas de poliestireno. İSpeas se asocia con Piedmont Environmental AllianceGallins Family Farm y Every Tray Counts para cambiar de bandejas de poliestireno a bandejas compostables y desviar las bandejas, los desechos de alimentos y otros objetos compostables de los vertederos! ¿Te unirías al Comité de Speas Every Tray Counts? ¿Estarías dispuesto a donar tu tiempo o dinero para que nuestra cafetería sea más sostenible? Por favor envía un correo electrónico a mccrory.jessica@gmail.com si te interesa saber más!

    Make a donation to help fund our composting effort here.

  • Read persuasive letters and view posters asking our cafeteria and the WSFCS Child Nutrition department to help make a difference in our world. These letter are from Ms. Basurto's second grade class. We also won an award for this movement and you can see those details at that link also.

  • The team from Every Tray Counts and learning community/parent volunteers were in our cafeteria to collect all the trays and trash from the students.  It will be weighed to determine how much "trash" is going to the landfill from our cafeteria each day. Once we start dumping out the liquids & sorting the trash and compostable items, the composting site will weigh our materials sent to them and we will be able to compare the numbers and see the difference in the amounts being sent to the landfill. We are off to a great start! Thank you to our volunteers!

  • #IBSpeasBees are #MakingThePYPHappen in our #SpeasCafé! Our #PYP #UnitsOfInquiry on #SharingThePlanet have sparked action and we are so excited! We are #TakingAction, being #knowledgeable and switching over to #compostable lunch trays. Have a look at a few unedited photos of our school-wide #IBAction! @ibpyp

Last Modified on September 14, 2021