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    Research and Innovative Design Magnet. Philo-Hill Magnet Academy provides quality learning experiences through innovative teaching and learning techniques. Our learner experiences: iSELF, iLearn, iLead, and iConnect, empower students to become STEM literate individuals who engage as complex problem-solver and innovative collaborators while developing leadership and social skills. We offer entrepreneurial, academic, leadership opportunities for students to further design personal interest and career pathways.


    Philo - Hill is unique; we focus on developing social, emotional learning, academic success, and STEM proficiency. We encourage all our students to become active in after-school activities. They may choose from a variety of clubs and sports. Other activities such as participation in the Student Government/Student Council, Tiger TV, and Tiger Roar Online Newspaper that keeps students engaged and informed. 


    We believe that choosing Philo – Hill Magnet Academy for Research and Innovative Design is an excellent decision.


    Are you eligible?


     Your Academic Achievement is essential for you.

     You want to experience quality learning through innovative teaching and learning techniques.

     You want to engage as complex problem-solver as you learn about STEM.

     You like to collaborate while developing leadership and social skills.


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Last Modified on April 9, 2019