Student dress that disrupts the educational environment will be handled via the administrative office.  Teachers are expected to have students that their dress either disrupts the educational environment, creates issues with student safety, or wearing of prohibited items report to the main office.

    WSFCS Policy 5131 Article IV

    Dress Code Policy is as follows:

    1. Students are required to wear shoes and shirts at all times for health and safety reasons.
    2. Abusive, suggestive or profane language, symbols of illegal drugs or alcohol, or any other words, symbols, or slogans that disrupt the learning environment may not be worn on clothing or jewelry per school board policy.
    3. Leggings/Tights/Yoga Pants or any pants that resembles yoga pants/tight pants can be worn, but the “front side” and “backside” must be covered at all times.
    4. The following items will NOT be worn at school and applies to both males and females:
    5. Tops with spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops, off the shoulder and open back tops

    - Tops exposing any part of the mid-section or bust area

    - Shirts and dresses should not be worn if they are excessively tight, “see through” or low-cut and expose any part of the midsection or bust area.

    - Pajamas, sleepwear, bedroom shoes/slippers.

    - Pants worn below the waist or showing clothing beneath the main outerwear.

    - Head scarves, hats, hoods, caps, head wraps, sunglasses, doo-rags, bandanas, sweatbands, and combs.